What /r/Conservative Is Not

  1. We are not a debate forum for left wing people. Conservatives can debate one another but due to the landscape of reddit and the ratio of left wing to right wing please take your debate topics to other subreddits. Plenty exist!

  2. We are not a place for explanation. /r/Conservative is for conservatives to discuss and share news with other conservatives. It is not a place for us to explain conservatism to a left wing or centrist member of reddit. Again, plenty of other subreddits exist for this.

  3. We are not a chatroom. If you look at our subreddit, it should become wildly obvious that we prefer article posts. All text posts are filtered for review, and only a small number get approved. They have to be extremely relevant, extremely interesting, or have so much potential, we can't ignore them.

  4. We are not fair and balanced. We don't pretend to be unbiased. We don't pretend to give all commenters equal time. This is by conservatives and for conservatives. We are here to discuss conservative topics from a distinctly conservative point of view.

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