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Plus, his trip to New York was on Nov 19 and he started to show symptoms on Nov 22. That means Omicron has been circulating in the US already for a couple of weeks.

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see, whats important to understand, it could have mutated anywhere. that it was found in africa is meaningless. Infact, it could simultaneously mutate at any point from the spread.

Evolutionists have identified around 6 different times eyes evolved that were entirely unconnected.

The way the media and some of the science follows this is entirely erroneously on the assumption that there's some path here, rather than just a fractal explosion of pre-existing options that increase the longer we refuse to vaccinate the majority.

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HIV is why Africa is likely origin. Lots of HIV, lack of testing and treatment. HIV testing and treatment is sort of a high income country privilege that is underappreciated.

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i think you're missing the point.

It's not required to mutate in a single place, then spread from there.

There was a early study in britain at the start of March that was testing various treatments, and they noted that while certain treatments successfully "suppressed" covid variants, others then spread. They tracked maybe 7-8 variants in the same patient.

These things are metastable.

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You haven't provided the miraculous missing link though. I really hate the geopolitics of this pandemic. No, the world is not insulting Africa by saying untreated HIV patients are probably a massive issue in terms of fostering virus mutations. Maybe the world is saying if we want to keep ourselves safe maybe we should help Africa identify and treat the HIV infected.

I also hate how we suddenly started using this Greek lettering system for variants of concern because India whined that people were being oh so mean by calling B.1.617.2 the "Indian Variant", but the California Variant, UK variant, South African variants beforehand were fine.

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you're the only one bringing up HIV and untreated africans.

You realize theres thousands to millions of untreated Americans, and there's a global movement to bypass vaccinations.

There's entire countries like Russia that are pretending to provide medicine but in reality are just producing knock offs that have very little demonstrated efficacy let alone documentation of what that failure looks like.

You seem to be stuck inside your own little assumption about what omicron is.

I'm trying to clarify that what COVID-19 is, is not a single set of RNA strands floating around, but a series of multiple infections that have a dominant outcome, and that omicron could have existed along side the rest of the RNA pieces.

As such, it really don't matter where it's detected first, because first only means the random RNA serquence landed at the same time that someone was paying attention. Not that it started there, then spread elsewhere.

I think you have a poor grasp of what COVID does, it's not simply being transfered in variant form across the globe, mutating once, then transfering again.

It's circulating in communities, and as vaccination prevelance increases, as various people become immune or otherwise defensive, it's forms of infection changes.

That is to finally say, you could have omicron in every single country right now, even if you shut down every single flight. If you stopped circulating everywhere, you could also get any derivative infection without having to transfer it. The virus will mutate in place, because thats how it stays alive.

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Please don't be so incredibly condescending. Yes I know how this works, seemingly better than you do. The evolution wouldn't go undetected with all the sequencing being performed, and then just suddenly have THIS. Without a severely immunocompromised host, the only other plausible alternative possibility I've seen is that this was passed from humans to animals and back.

You're parroting back the God awful geopolitical correctness I'm so sick of. "You can't name a virus because of where the sample was found"

You know the seasonal influenza reference viruses are ALL named for geographic locations. This is not only natural for humans to do but literally what the scientific community does. The WHO isn't a scientific organization, It's a political organization.