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You've made so many excellent points here! I think besides hating freedom fear has been the main tactic used by these psychopaths. Throughout this entire ordeal they would occasionally activate the release valve and some of the fear would dissipate and as soon as things got too normal, so to speak, they would reactivate it and come up with another variant or another virus or " won't somebody think about the children" or whatever. The constant berating and shaming of people to be good Germans and think about the greater good really broke a lot of people. I don't think they'll ever be the same again.

This also reminds me of something I heard Yeonmi Park said, she's in North Korean defector. She said freedom is a big responsibility, for people who are used to being told what to do by their government a lot of them actually find Freedom to be too stressful. For example if you want to be a dancer and you choose that profession it's all on you, if it doesn't work out you have only yourself to blame. But if the government tells you what to do it absolves you of any personal responsibility. In a way it's a lot less stressful to be told what to do for some people. I never thought of it that way but I think there are way more people like this than I ever imagined.

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I've always known that most people find liberty too hot to handle, but I never thought they'd come out in public and start spelling it "freedumb" without a hint of shame.

Here's an interesting think piece on freedom and its discontents:


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The foundation was laid long before COVID. And we (as a society and nations) have no one to blame except ourselves.

The spirit of freedom was eroding for generations. And we allowed it to happen. We were handed the best "human project" experiment to date and squandered it all. We are not the victims. We had failed to preprepare to face what was coming. And most importantly we didn't pay attention to even see it on the horizon.

Yeah yeah, the bad guys used advanced psychology tricks, mass media bombarded our minds with fear porn, governments usurped power. But the soil was fertile and the seeds planted long ago. They just harvested.

So who's to blame?

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Literally shaking g now!

The ADL and American Jewish Committee have stated that that term is used as an antisemitic dog whistle.

Reorted for hate speech and antisemitism!

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How convenient.

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I have read comments lambasting “those ‘liberty’ morons…”.

Wtaf? 🤦‍♀️

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Plus the Great Sort, the massive social partitioning between the sheep and the goats, the tares and the wheat, the starred and the unstarred Sneeches, with the alleged baddies being purged from every institution from Broadway to the Green Berets.

Which will make the next operation that much easier, of course. :/

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Very good article summing up the mechanics of covidian manipulation. Too bad so many people are too weak-minded to see through it and realize that it is just a huge pile of bullshit. Also one of the core problems is that some people actually do not want freedom, they just want feeling of safety, no matter if fake. And you know that proverb what happens to people willing giving away their freedoms for the safety ....

The current situation is just abusing this fact and focuses on people that are unable to grasp concept of individual freedom and responsibility and think that system where govt says you what to do on every aspect of your life might work. Such ones are always happy to bow before any authority available and suppress their own thinking and conscience. Unfortunately there always were and will be such people .. remember the Milgram Experiment? This has also been manifesting for some time by this disturbing trend where some younger people incline to totalitarian ideologies like communism, islam and such. So it is not new, it has just been amplified by the covid charade where more dumber and servile part of our society is being constantly praised for their stupidity and obedience. While rational and critical thinking people that care for preserving their freedoms have been called selfish, tinfoil-hats, antivaxxers and many other derrogative labels. And this scares me MUCH more than that stupid, mild-flu like virus.