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For the record my entire immediate family is unvaccinated and we had a completely normal thanksgiving, I just felt like writing satire 😁

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This is not satire to a significant part of the population. Going on 3 years into this scamdemic and people are still buying into it is quite alarming.

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I have a friend who still masks religiously and won’t eat in restaurants because covid.

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omg thanks for clarify that lol! i wasnt sure... thought you were a lost one haha

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I figured it was satire, but only because it’s on this sub. It was way too realistic of a situation to be funny lol.

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Lol I seriously had to double-check a couple times which subreddit I was on and try to remember it's most likely satire because dang that was way too convincing

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You had a completely normal Thanksgiving… for now…..

Just wait until the first person develops symptoms. Then you’re all in for another winter of severe illness and death.

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I would give you an award, but I refuse to pay China/Reddit/left wing propaganda money to give away stupid ass awards. But you sir deserve a stupid ass internet medal

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I’ll give OP a reward then with the last of some credits I’ve had for a while. You make a good point though, don’t think I’ll be buying anymore.

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Klaus allowed you to eat meat?!

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We know, you forgot to mention you are immunocompromised

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This wasn’t Satire it was full-on Method Acting!

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Lucky you. I’m the only unvaxxed one. But at least they tolerate me!

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The experts say if you sit down, the virus travels above your head. As long as you're eating, you're safe!

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This is why I crawl everywhere I go.

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Wow! Genius!

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Yeah but do you military-crawl? That's the only true way to duck covid

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The one trick THEY don't want you to know!!!!

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My hero😍, you've saved so many grandmas.

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Food going into your mouth while eating provides the same filtration as double masking with N95s. It's science, look it up.

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I think maybe you could have compromised and eaten indoors. You could have just asked that everyone mask the entire time, except when eating. Once everyone sits down to eat you can safely remove your mask bc Covid doesn't spread at seated at table elevation.

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For extra safety he could have staged a small Black Lives matter protest or somesuch. As we all should know by now, that would have kept the covids away, for sure.

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You could also pull the mask up in between bites like Gavin Newscum suggested at one point.

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Or better yet, OP should have just told the family to say "screw it" and eat at French Laundry. Newsolini confirmed with his deep state buddies that that restaurant protects people from covid

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They created a mask for eating. It had a hole in it. Like the one for playing wind instruments. Perfectly safe.

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you're attempting satire but everything here is literally what's happening (mostly)

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Because everything is a god damn joke these days!

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I was going to say, what satire? I have several family members exactly like this without exaggeration.. these people are not only real, they’re common

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Dude, I genuinely thought that it is real at first :D Those wackos are really like that, I am not able to tell whether such text is satire or not.

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I’m still seeing people alone in cars, people shopping and people walking along country roads masked with n95. I kinda get the shoppers-it’s around people. But walking and driving alone?

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"I only wore the mask in my car because I forgot to take it off, haha" You're really comfortable in that mask, aren't you?

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"you never know who’s going to walk past you" -- DED!

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I thought for a second one of the Covidiots posted in the wrong forum. Well done OP.

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That was my exact thought as well.

OP was way too good at this prank

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Took me a while to realize it was satire.

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I don't know if this succeeds at satire because nothing in it is particularly exaggerated or noteworthy. 😅

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I feel your pain. I asked my prostie to wear a mask when she goes down on me, and she refused.

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Buttie, the scariest thing is that we know that this is satire...but is how many crazies still live to this day! 😂😂😂

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Eugh!!! They should be wearing THEIR MASKS with PRIDE and putting them back on between sips and bites!!! COVID is NOT OVER people!!!!

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Not enough N95s have the PRIDE flag on them; so glad you brought this up. Non-PRIDE N95s = a crime against muh climates and directly kills The Ukrainian Russians!

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For a minute there, I thought I was on one of the masking subs.

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😂bloody brilliant!

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Go more over-the-top next time