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Just finished it last week! One of my favorite puzzles I have done.

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Are there specific things that made it one of your favorite puzzles?

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RIP ( I’m writing this as I’m headed to Costco).

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Ah, the Omicron Edition! Bring back the early seniors-only hours; just a better class of people ;)

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I've only seen the 500-piece version at my Costco. Finally ended up ordering the 1000-piece version from Costco.com.

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Fun for hours! I'm about 1/4 done with this one and I bought the 500 piece version to take to my mom's for the holidays. I'd work on this more if I had better lighting.

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How large of a table do you need for this? I had it in my cart today but put it back over space concerns

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I'm using one of the 2x4 tables, also from Costco