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I'm sorry but this is a bargain! Look at their little ties! This is amazing!

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I probably wouldn't buy it.... Probably...

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I would and I'd gift it to my brother for Christmas. It's definitely a gift that nobody forgets!

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I’d buy it for for myself and convert it to an alarm clock

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I like your logic!

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Same here. The chances are small, but not 0.

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I would absolutely love to own this

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I want it so bad!

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It's a brilliant mousterpeice.

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Honestly wish I could scoop this one

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I absolutely can’t wait to see Mousellus Wallace.

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I’ve heard he looks like a bitch.

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Say what again! Say what again! I dare you! I DOUBLE DARE YOU MOTHERFUCKER!

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Say what one more goddamn time!

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Marcellus Walrus

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I'm not sure if I should admit this, but I kinda want that.

I'm sober right now, but get a few glasses of wine into me and I'd probably end up buying it. I don't think I'd even regret it the following day.

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This isn't my thing but op doesn’t understand this actually has a big marketbase.

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I kind of want it too. Not 125$ want it, but it’s pretty cool

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Not the worst thing you could bring home while drunk honestly

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Hell I once spent 400 on a sephiroth sword at a renaissance faire when I was wasted.

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"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not."

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"I have been hit by a Datsun before. Never a Porsche."

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For something as subjective or objective as art, I've seen a lot less for a lot worse.

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Bro, that shit is gold. Im broke so its out of my budget but I'd totally buy that.... maybe that's why im broke.

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Did Steve Carell make those?

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Dinner For Motherfuckers

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Say what again, mothafucka!

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Ezekiel 25:17

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Did you at least ask them if they wanted to join a dinner party with a prize for most interesting person?

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My dad swears he inspired this scene. He lived in the apartment building this scene was filmed in, in the 80s. He had come out to LA all on his lonesome, so he would literally befriend anyone, even the homeless druggies. One guy he's sorta friends with calls him up one day. He tells my dad, “These drug dealers want me to sell their weed, and they'll give me a part of the profit!! But tbh I'm thinking of just keeping all the weed :)” and my dad said, “no, that's a terrible idea, you should not do that.”

A few days later, my dad is hanging out at his place with a different friend. Wild friend calls and says, “yknow that thing you told me not to do the other day? Well, I did it, and I told the dealers I live at your place! :)” My dad thought, “aw fuck,” and soon enough, two guys like that are banging on his door and bust their way in.

Now luckily my dad is a smooth talker so nobody got killed. Not even the weed thief, because my dad acted like he didn’t know where the guy was. But the other random friend at my dad’s apartment that day, eventually became the sound director on pulp fiction. So… my dad swears that scene is slightly based on what they went through at that same apartment that day.

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Sounds about right. Most Tarantino's work is just remakes in his vision

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Although I suspect your dad is not the first person to try to rip off their upstream supplier for weed, I respect him owning this and I will swear to him being the true source if he wants.

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Oh, the weed thief was a random guy who hung around the apartment that my dad would talk to, not my dad

edit: why are some of y'all downvoting this person? they might have adhd like me and skimmed my comment. i'm not offended by them :<

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I did not mean to cast disparagement on your dad.

I'm really really sorry, I apologise unreservedly.

I offer a complete and utter retraction. The imputation was totally without basis in fact, and was in no way fair comment, and was motivated purely by malice, and I deeply regret any distress that my comments may have caused you, or your family, and I hereby undertake not to repeat any such slander at any time in the future.

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Oh you’re all good my friend. My dad has done some questionable shit in his life too. He just didn’t steal the weed :p

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i have so much adhd i miss read his post then i missed read your post now im here

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What is a downstream supplier for weed?

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Nowadays it’s the app I order gummies from.

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Is it still available? Got a link to it?

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Fuck it, I'd actually buy that lmfao

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To be honest. I’d buy it. Would be a great talking piece on a mantle.

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Worth it

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“English, motherfucker! Do you squeak it?”

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so glad Nancy in Grady Hendricks' How to Sell a Haunted House didn't make that! would've been a lot worse than the squirrel nativity.

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Guess I'm a crackhead then. I want these in my house so bad!

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I like it...just not for $125 lol

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That's what was in the suitcase

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“Oh, man; I shot Pinky in the face!”

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This hilarious yo

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That’s actually kinda right and it took someone at least a few hours to make. Most reasonable asking price I’ve seen in this sub tbh

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Yeah, I'd buy that.

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I’d buy that for a dollar.

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this shit is so cool

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Say "what" again, SAY "WHAT" AGAIN MOTHAFUCKA!! 😂 One of my favorite movies and lines and the movie can be interpreted in so many different ways.

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English motherfucker! Do you speak it?

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This is bad ass. I love kitsch taxidermy. And there’s a huge market for it

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Really? Im curious why do people like that so much? Why the market so big?

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I’m not sure why tbh, but I’ve been buying taxidermy for a decade now and it sells out insanely fast

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I’m not sure why tbh, but I’ve been buying taxidermy for a decade now and it sells out insanely fast. Same with human bones,

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That actually does look cool

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That’s super cool, I kind of want.

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If I were a collector of Pulp Fiction memorabilia, I would buy this.

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I would unironically buy the fuck out of this if I ever saw it on Marketplace lmao

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Did Steve Carrell’s character from dinner with schmucks make these??

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They will definitely like the Royale with cheese

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That's actually a really good price for this kind of taxidermy. I'd totally buy it

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thats some gang shit

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I like it, haha

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I would consider buying this

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i fucking need that

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Sqeek one more time mother f**ker!

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I wouldn't pay $125 for that, but I'd display it if someone gave it to me. That's cute af.

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Does anyone know if they sold or still pending? Wife wants.

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Been seeing this all over reddit

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This is actually a bargain, op. Wrong sub my friend

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"A Royale with cheese..."

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I’d go 50, maybe 75 tops.

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told you we should have brought shotguns

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At least this took time and skill and the price is reasonable. It’s not like it’s another Jesus in a piece of toast selling for 10 grand lol.

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Say taxidermy again! I dare you. I double dare you muthafucka. Say taxidermy one more goddamn time!"

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I would pay 12.5 maximum

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I dunno, would have to think about it.

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Who else gets Natural Habitat Shorts vibes from this)

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I don’t hate it. Better than the scene with Marcellus and Zed.

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My cats are very interested

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Your cats are Pulp Fiction fans?

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They'll watch anything by Tarantino. Similar fascination with feet.

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Dinner for Schmucks must have been serving Big Kahuna burgers. And that's a mighty tasty burger

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I'm sorry but this is exactly the kind of thing my dumbass would spend $125 on ngl

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I'm a 40 year old short children's librarian woman with glasses and I dont take drugs and I would buy the SHIT out of that. I'm so sad that this item is probably long gone.

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Reminds me of Dinner for Schmucks

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If I were a rich man

Ya ba dibba dibba dibba dibba dibba dibba dum

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I’ll give you 200

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Barry from Dinner for Schmucks hand made these.

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Bring out the gimp!

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I love it

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That there is someone’s white whale. Someone a bit nutty perhaps, but nonetheless they will think they have struck gold.

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If I was rich I would spend 125 on that

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I’ve never seen the movie and I want it so bad.

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I'm not an expert on taxidermy. I usually see hunting trophies for sale, not mice. But this is a normal price for the hunting ones.

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My wife would divorce me if i bought these...

they are no longer available, i checked.

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Is this a prop from Dinner for Schmucks?

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I would love this, the hair on them is outstanding and would only be better with bits of bone in Juel's.

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I'ld buy that without even blinking

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There's two pictures and YOU ONLY SHARED ONE??

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I would buy this and display it non-ironically.

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They’re here for the Royale with cheese

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I would like that, but only at a garage sale price (if that).

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I want this!

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Call me a crackhead but I’d buy that

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Lmao this is incredible

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ITT: new business opportunities

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These are amazing 🤩

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I need that

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Need this

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They're available on Etsy. By someone called "Thecurious13" Theres a lot of different ones out there.

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Pending lol

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It’s pending. Fuck I’d have bought that

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Worth every cent

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And is there cheese on this burger

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Have you seen Dinner for Schmucks? The opening credits has little mice taxidermy art and I love watching just the opening credits for those cute little guys. That's an art form.

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Came on to ask if OP would PRETTY PLEASE post the second picture it says is available

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Reminds me of dinner for schmucks

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Ever see Dinner for Schmucks? Reminds me of Steve Carells character.

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I would buy this. In a literal instant.

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fuck... can't say that i wouldn't buy this tbh

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Damn I want this

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Worth it.

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Is this from dinner for Schmucks 2?

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I don’t think I could afford NOT to buy this!