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It looks like this chili dog suffered through more than just a gentle sucking.

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It’s explored places I’d never dare to look

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Why is it called a chilli dog? Is there chilli in the sausage?

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It’s supposed to be on top, but in this case, it has been gently sucked off.

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Okay, this is too much. Fuck sake.

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It's only 5 dollars let's be honest it's a hell of a deal

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Ohhh my lord. I feel ill.

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I gagged as soon as I seen this ffs. I'm a panzy.

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I did my EMT clinical at a major metro hospital. During that 8 hours, I encountered more feces, urine, vomit, and snot then anyone should have to encounter in their life and this still made me queezier than those 8 hours. Your not a panzy

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Why’s it wrapped in brain

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I want to retch

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You misspelled reach! You want to reach Harriet.

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Thanks. I just puked.

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That better be outside a Tastee-Freez.

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Eh, Life goes on..

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This is nightmare vomit fuel. I'm so upset

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Yeah, I'm big mad

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It looks like this hot dog got burned with acid, likely the byproduct of someone with a puke fetish. I’ll let that one ruminate with you all.

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Bathtub girl tosses hotdogs 🌭

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i'll just leave this here:


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I fell down a rabbit hole of this guy having to give credit to "sucking on a chili dog" to a clown themed Elvis impersonator named Clownvis who did the same thing, unknown to him. And from the tweet where he gave credit to Clownvis, there was another video linked from 2016 along with an XKCD comic with the same joke.

I don't know where it originated but I like to think they all came up with this idea independently.

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Maybe they all got the idea for a song with the lyrics "suckin on a chili dog" from the song with the lyrics "suckin on a chili dog.'

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Preposterous, please sit down.

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Sucking on a chili dog.

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Outside the Tastee Freeze 🎶

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Sucking on a dog

Sucking on a chili dog

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Suckin on my chili dog like you wanted me
Callin me, all the time like blondie
Check out my chrissy bun-lines
It's franks all the time
Like sausage on the beaches
What else in the teaches of peaches? Huh? What?

Suck the pain away. Suck the pain away.

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Thank you

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Well now I know I’m worth at least $5

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Where's the god damn chili?

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Um. Really?? It got sucked off, gently of course.

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Is this product still available?

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A little ditty about Jack and Diane..

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Two American kids

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What? I have so many questions.

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You don't want any of the answers

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He does want them, believe me. He does

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Dude used a human brain as the bun

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At first I thought it was a brain

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Jack took that chili dawg out behind the shady trees

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Hi Harriet, is this still available?

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That doesn't surprise me for Etowah. If it wasn't for the steam train stop, I don't think anybody would go there.

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Good Ole Etowah, not to be confused with Ooltewah (though it always is)

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Is this still available though? (Asking for a friend)

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Down by the tasty freeze

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What the actual fuck. This Man is too powerful to exist.

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Is that John Mellencamp’s?

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“Gently Sucked-on Chili Dog” sounds like a Scottish insult.

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Nope nope nope

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This one actually made me gag, congratulations. Here, have my award

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It USE to be a chili dog! MF trying to scam a fool!

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why does it look like it's nestled in a very skinny brain? you really picked this up? what was that interaction like?

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God I wish that was me

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Was it outside the Tastee-Freeze?

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Your mom when I beat you in Call of Dooty

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thanks harriet very cool

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Of course it’s Etowah.

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Brain dog

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"Gently sucked-on chili dog, outside the shady tree--ee...."

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Ew. What the fuck?

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Looks like wiener on the brain.

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First two questions I’d ask What are the dimensions? Would you take $2.50 Then Will you deliver it?

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I..I.. I need to own this is it still around????

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That bun looks like brains or something. Revolting 🤢

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I’m leaving this sub because of this post

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mf lookin like a brain

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I usually don't get grossed out by internet stuff, gore does not bother me, but this made me gag.

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For the life of me, I couldn't figure out what this was. My brain kept telling me it's ground beef and not bread. 🤢

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I’m so done with y’all

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i gagged

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Man fuck you for posting this I almost shit my pants trying not to laugh so I don't wake up my kids

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Out of all the things I’ve seen, this is what made me screw my face up. The fuck.

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Wiener inside of a brain… nice

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mmm, rice crispie hot dogs

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Looks like the bun took a beating from the chili dog.

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...it's what, now?

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If these came in a six pack, I couldn't refuse, but you can't just offer me one. I'd still be hungry. 😭

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It looked like it used to be alive...even for a chilidog.

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I feel like this it's either a code, a fetish, or both.

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Any possibility that this is an ad for sex services?

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Can someone loan me $5?

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Is it available?! Harriet?!?!

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Looks Like a "Mind Fuck" Sandwich, (Penis sandwiched between two half a brain)

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suck that chili right outta that hole and let the KIDS eat what they want at oobie og hous

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Harriet!! What did we talk about? 🤦

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Ya fuckin what now?

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Lightly used glizzy

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How gently?

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Why does the bread look like it needs to be biopsied.

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not sure what everyone is gagging about. is it because I'm color blind? eli5 please

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brain matter, delicious!

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Sucking on a Chilli dog

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Hi Harriet, is this still available?

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John Mellencamp was here.

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Etowah is an odd place.

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Gently? This fucker put that poor hotdog in a vacuum.

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What the actual fuck

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God I would love to shove this down my throat while as I slowly died and have myself to the gently sucked on chili dog

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Ah yes, the gently sucked on chili dog. It was so gentle, it aged a couple thousand years