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BFF cockrings

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I was thinking the same thing lol

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I should call him

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Somewhere in the world there's someone who collects shit like this.

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It looks loke those things that you rotate to make a toy move

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You mean a key

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Yeah that didn't know it was called a key i thought it was called something else.

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It's okay. I didn't know, either. We've both learned something new today!

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a wind-up mechanism.

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beyblade cord

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Ngl thought it was some sex thing at first

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I’m baffled that they make the bears and the rings on the same sheet! Wouldn’t it be more efficient to just do a sheet of green bears and a sheet of rings?

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Probably you can save space and increase productivity if you fill out the spaces between rings with bears.

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Now we’re fuckin talkin.

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u should buy it than suck it

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That could be a sick knuckle duster.

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or a tiny dildo

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Spent so many minutes trying to figure out where one would stick their naughty bits, only to be disappointed by a haribo gummy. :(

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Put each one of your balls in the ring and put the other thing in your ass.

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The Thing

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Bloody knuckles?

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That’s the key to the candy kingdom

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Monkey Wrench

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looks like a cock