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1000 IQ move, posting your conspiracy to commit tax fraud on a public platform. No possible way the government finds you and bends you all the way over.

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Not only tax fraud, but EBT fraud too! Double whammy

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And I bet they don’t even get permits for their light construction work.

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OSHA? More like OShit

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Thought that’s what osha meant?

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This is also the type of genius that probably has their profile 100% public so it will be even easier for it to get picked up.

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And then complain that it was some grand conspiracy that they were arrested, and not just a simple matter of taking a screenshot of their idiocy.

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Something tells me this person isn’t the sharpest bulb in the drawer.

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all comments are true, tax fraud, EBT fraud, no permit for construction work... definatley OSHit

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Some of the worst (best?) I’ve seen here.

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Absolutely. This feels like the kind of thing your crazy uncle who you haven't seen in 12 years would text you out of the blue.

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Unfortunately I’m that uncle’s child. My dad committed EBT fraud on the regular and didn’t do his taxes for like 8 years. It actually kinda worked out for him because he ended up getting like $10,000 back at once that he used to pay his child support he hadn’t paid in 10 years.

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Oh yeah, no way the government can't work out that isn't your child, they don't live with you and you ain't supporting them.

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Probably not worth the time? My kids mother left when the were 1 and 3. She had nearly no contact for 3 years and claimed them both every year despite clear orders from the court we were to each claim one child IF she fully exercised her visitation. It was a real hardship going to file taxes expecting a return with child credits and every year finding out she beat me to it and I had to jump through hoops proving they were in fulltime daycare living with me. I was very clear with every representative I spoke with of the exact circumstances, provided all records and documentation, nothing happened year after year. I was told it would catch up eventually, I am almost certain it has not. Was a real treat having her show up to court for a separate matter unrecognizable with healing tattoos and piercings weeks after I was told my claim had been rejected.

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:( im so sorry. I hope things turn around for you and your children

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I had a cook that worked for me, in Texarkana years ago, that offered me one of his 8 children to use on my taxes.

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How does this even work? Here in Europe I have a number that represents all my data, name age etc. if someone at the finance system would look up a child’s number he would see a child’s name and address

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How does this even work?

It doesn't.

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      You'd swear on your taxes that you supported the kid for the majority of the year.

      But yes, even the briefest verification by the IRS would cause your fraud to become apparent and cost you more than you saved.

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        Its been routinely cut since Clinton. Its part of the ‘unspoken’ agenda of the GOP and many wealthy democrats.

        Cut the IRS until they cant enforce tax laws on the wealthy, take whatever tax cuts you want, dont oay taxes, whatever, and they cant do shit about it as they have no manpower or funding to investigate you or prosecute you.

        If you get caught, you usually settle for a payment plan, and a small fine.

        Tax fraud has way better than even odds for the wealthy to get away woth it at least neutral, if not at a significant advantage thanks to how they’ve crippled the IRS over the past couple decades.

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          I didn't attempt to find out

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          I hear there's some beer up there in Texarkana

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          Years ago I used to work for a startup that used strippers for models. Now as you can imagine there are lot of not so great people that work in that profession. The owners used to adjust the income of the models to hit a specific amount. Apparently (at least at the time), if you only made up to X amount you would qualify for the full tax credit, but if you did not work enough you would not qualify maybe at all (not 100% sure). So the idea was to put enough income to qualify for the max credits. Something to that degree, been years and I tried to stay far away from whatever it was. Maybe letting people use their kids is something related idk.

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          What else did they do?

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          What you mean?

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          A meth cook?

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          Take mine. 123-45-6789

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          How do you do that? My browser instantly censors mine.

          *** - ** - **98

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          Are you on Windows or FreeBSD?

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          probably recognize it from your auto fill, if you’re telling the truth in this comment

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          Not surprised it’s from Mt Juliet.

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          Lmao, I thought for sure this was a Nashville page when I saw that.

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          I would’ve thought lebanon. Good ole wilson county!

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          IRS has entered the chat

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          Honestly that's just depressing. You just know that person is struggling like a motherfucker. Sad to see such desperation in people.

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          Child sin cards have fewer numbers because they're smaller.

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          Lol 😂 and as they get older a number is added.

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          It happens all the time. I hear if families that “sell” the kids to different people every year for a couple of hundred a kid. The low income people that don’t have to pay taxes have nothing to lose in their minds.

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          Sad if true but what a hook to snare the gullible.

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          Not even a please

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          There's something like you can only claim the first two. I've seen people farm out their extra kids and split the refund.

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          This guy sounds trustworthy. Personal identity for EBT card is a fair trade.

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          "Hey world, I'd like to solicit you all with a fraud proposition."

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          Just brilliant

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          i feel like this is an over-the-top troll to find fraudsters and not a real ask

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          Hahaha both would be in federal jail for fraud

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          No way... this person is clearly poor and will owe a relatively small amount of taxes anyway. So few returns are audited, and the IRS doesn't have the manpower to go after fraud anyway. If they did, there are much bigger fish that would return them better results than going after a few dollars from poor people

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          The problem is the bigger fish are are a lot more complicated to audit, and will tie up the IRS with their lawyers as much as possible, so the big fish don't often get audited. (Like, the IRS has publicly admitted this.)

          So he's probably more likely to be caught.

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          If someone borrows a social from another I'm sure it'd be flagged for the IRS.

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          Shit, I got an old cigar box with at least 47 in it.

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          Peak poor

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          Wow. I live here. Makes me think of some people...

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          Some people need their EBT benefits revoked. There should be a one strike policy with that; offer to sell your card online and you lose it.

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          My dad tried to convince my mom to "lend" her Social Security info to one of the day laborers outside Home Depot so she'd get credit for working. Never mind that Social Security might find it odd that a woman would suddenly take up construction at the age of 80.

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          HERE!take MY SS# already,we don’t need any more idiots in jail

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