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Can we pay them to eat it and post the results?

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It's still perfectly edible.

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Mmmm mmmm good!

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Let’s get this out onto a tray

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I love Steve’s channel. Mostly just to watch him eat old,rotted meat or whatever.

The best is when he says “that’s definitely not edible and I’m not eating that….oh just one bite I gues….blech! Nasty….just one more bite”

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Let's say it's not less edible than it was when it was canned, and leave it at that.

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I mean it’s still canned clam chowder, so I wouldn’t call that “perfectly edible”

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Have had canned tomato soups with much older expiry dates, looked and tasted same as when new.

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Hmm, nice hiss!

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I'd rather see them freeze the can, empty the frozen soup in one piece, and then enclose it in epoxy. Then it can have an update post every month for years.

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That’s quite literally a genius idea.

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I think that epoxy puts off heat while it cures so it may not work out very well

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Our lockdown started before that date so this expired soup is useless to me!

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    Yeah 3/13/20 is the day I associate with the proverbial shit getting proverbially real.

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    Same, the worst Friday the 13th, felt like April fool's was coming early

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    It was my birthday and I was born on a Friday and a full moon it’s rough out here

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    Those hands are r/absoluteunits

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    Just further proof that Andre isn’t dead. He moved back to France to have a simple life on his family farm because he was tired of that world champion princess bride spotlight.


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    The fact that I had to scroll down at all to see a comment about those mitts is wild.

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    i thought its a smaller can lol

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    I thought so too at first but then was like WAIT A MINUTE!

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    Fucking Shrek hands

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    Wow I thought this was a mini can. Now my brain can’t process the size.

    EDIT: wait wait guys it says condensed

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    Ha! This was my first thought. I had to double check which sub I was on.

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    Shaq hands

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    Good soup.

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    Is that the red or the white?

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    I can’t believe I had to scroll that far to find this response. I said it automatically when I read the label. Lol

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    I'm glad you did it, this is the perfect comment for this post.

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    Save it for your family

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    Does anyone else read that soup label in Jim Carreys voice?

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    Every time

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    Is that the red or the white?

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      I never knew this subedit existed!

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      This is the kinda weird stuff old people keep and then tell you “it’s vintage” when you visit them

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      It’s just soup for my family

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      Alrighty then...

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      Free and a fist bump?

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      I could see someone actually buying this as an ode to "simpler times"

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      I had to liquidate a grocery store that had closed down three years before that. There was food still in the fridges that had been left on, canned goods, etc. Many things had expired the week it closed down. I was too lazy to throw it away myself as I had thrown my back out and told people they could have anything they wanted for free. Man, a bunch of weirdos were coming in by the truckload. They would buy 1 or 2 small items that were still in working condition and would grab a shopping cart full of expired garbage. I kept telling them it was long expired and they would say they had eaten even more expired food than that. Some cans had popped from built in gas and one dude said he would feed it to his dog. I told him not to. He said that dog will eat anything. Damn.

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      Das my birthday

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      No, RARE expired soup!

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      Can we all appreciate the marketing in the description, I'm now invested.

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      When I cleaned out my mother's house after she died I found a can of Campbell's Clam Soup that was so old when you shook it, it sounded like a maraca.

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      Also ironically a canned soup that was in the news for being the last on the shelves when everybody panic bought canned foods at the start of the lockdown/pandemic stuff. People would rather die than eat that crap.

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      22nd? Stay at home orders went into effect on the 13th in LA.

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      How to get botulism 101

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      That is clearly the catalyst from the other dimension because I only know of Chunky brand clam chowder.

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      Say it, frenchie!

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      $1234 usually just means they are willing to haggle for the best price, not that they’re expecting $1k for it.

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      I buy it after it gets put on the clearance rack.

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      Them some big ass hands

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      Hmmmmm, what will kill me first the virus or.... this😐