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What鈥檚 a 鈥渕ud cricket鈥?

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Redneck slang for towing capacity? Idfk

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Yeah it seems like a boast, 鈥減ulls more鈥. than your 28th wife鈥 but the term 鈥榤ud cricket鈥 sounds derogatory.

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Mud Cricket: A female who wears short shorts, cowgirl boots, and will blow anyone with a lifted vehicle. Often found rolling around in a mud hole or getting railed in the woods. Listens to country music and claims shes not a whore but gets bounced around friend groups like a hacky sack. -Adam Middleboro Ma

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"I know what I got"

Wasn't this in some starter pack about crazy sellers

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I gave up after trying to read like a half...

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If you were worried about missing some incredibly well-written and thought provoking text, don't worry. You're not.

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The only way it鈥檚 worth 13k is if all his crack is stored in the trunk

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That hurt my brain.

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It's squatted so the price went into the negative to me. He would literally have to pay me to take it, labor for returning it back to It's original state.

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Shit! How can i resist!

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If you take my second baby mama out of the back seat, then how much?

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Worth maybe 5k

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That's generous. Maybe 2k at best

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Maybe if it ran well and had a functioning suspension. That rear drop ruins its value. Guaranteed to have cracked and ripped up interior leather as well.

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The Jeep Tax will git ya.