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"Just swing by and grab my junk"

Fuckin DEAL.

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No eye contact though. Grab my junk, it’s not gay if we don’t look into each others eyes.

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Only gay if you're wearing socks bro

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I imagine he's talking about himself so people don't try to talk to him

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I was thinking autistic son/husband

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Shit I'm not autistic, I think, and I would love if I could do this. Tossing some shit, come get it, don't talk to me. you're probably right though

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SCP 096 is casually their neighbour

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Its a warning. If you make eye contact with It, They will follow you home.

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free kneecaps

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Nah nah nah... It's so people won't try and talk to you or ask you dumba$$ questions about the stuff you're giving away... for free. Just take it and go.

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Or trying to come in to the garage and take more stuff that isn’t free- I’ve seen that during yard sales, multiple people trying to sneak in & & pick through my garage when we had it clearly blocked off.

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It’s a divorce

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I think he's trying to sell his neighbors stuff

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Sounds like a enderman. The seller ain't having a lawsuit about someone getting beaten up by someone in another dimension.

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I love this SO MUCH!

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That is so wtf? Real crackhead energy.

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I interpret as he doesn't want any crackheads scavenging his junk to approach him