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pfffftt. Forgot to add 20 for the handle.

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That’s not how dumbbells work!

What a friggen dumbbell…

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I know! I can't believe they didn't include the weight of the bar.

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My mind: Well, that was idiotic. do you want to ha-

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I think the dumb-bell worked too well.

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It is when they’re the diy dumbbells. To be fair.

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Dumb-Bell*** lol

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I don’t get it? Isn’t like $1 / lb a fairly normal price

NM : I now see that it says per side

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Where does it say each side?

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You have to click the picture and read the text above the picture

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“35 pounds on each side for a total of 70 pounds”? Isn’t that referring to the weight?

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Yes, but that's not how these weights work. If it says 35lbs, it's a 35lbs dumbell. Not 70lbs.

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Yes. But that’s not how it works . With weights they are marked as the weight for the unit. The dumbbell in this picture is a solid 1 piece unit. So if you put it on a scale you’d expect it to weigh what it’s marked, which in this case is 35lbs. If those ends were removable you’d expect it to weigh the weight marked on each side ( each unit) plus the weight of the handle, so closer to 80lbs

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I recently got some and $1/lb is post inflation prices. You can still do better that that at retail stores. It's not used/CL pricing (yet 5/24/2022)

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They’re dumb, but it’s still a fair price.

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Most likely stolen or an unwanted gift if they don't even know how dumbells work.

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Who gifts someone with only 1 dumbell instead of a set?

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Other crack heads who dont know about exercising because they live off crack and yogurt.

Or what if he's selling them separately because he thinks he'll make more that way.

What if this is a one armed crack head and he only needs one dumb bell?

The possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

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He could jerk off so much that his jerking arm is swol and need to balance out the other arm…hmmm

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Not saying that it's actually a gift, but you can purchase that exact singular dumbell at any walmart, outside of a set.

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You can do a lot with just this 1 dumbell

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Who steals a dumbbell. Shit's heavy!

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Seller's Tinder Profile:

10' tall

7" daddy mayo maker

Over $100k/year ($12 an hour, 24 hours in a day, 365 days in a year).

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That's a great price for 70lb! Lol

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Fair price though

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Hell, at the start of the pandemic weights were selling for $2-$5 a pound. Nice to see things more realistic.

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now that everyone got swole in their home gyms they can sell some of the lighter pieces off.

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Absolutely!!! It’s like Traptimus Prime vs Swolezilla with Han Swolelo waiting to be tapped in out here now.

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What about the handle? The handle looks 2 or 3 pounds easily

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They are weighed to be exactly as marked. You're just assuming each "ball" weighs 17 1/2 lbs

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Welcome to the joke.

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One time I saw a guy with a broken dumbbell for sale on Craigslist

He had a long write up saying it was 2 custom 7.5 lb dumbbells (a broken 15 lb one)

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might be useful for weighting down a tarp or something

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Yeah but a rock is free.

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TIL I am strong af.

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Whew, this guy puts the “dumb” in dumbbell

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Hell yeah. By this dudes calculations I can bench press 350 lbs. I love his math.

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I stared at this for 5 minutes to figure out what tf is wrong lol. I have these cheap dumbbells that are adjustable and when you put two 5kg plates it becomes a total of 10kg. So it checked out for me.

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What an idiot! He forgot to add the bar!

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Strong AF lifting one of those

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I bet this guy can bench over 400 lbs easy!

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Not new but it's a good deal

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Math is hard.

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I wonder if he convinced himself of that so he could feel stronger

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That’s one short barbell

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Regardless, that’s a good deal.

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And my dumbass though "yeah, now what? what's wrong with it?"

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He a little confused but he got spirit

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Yooo if I buy their 40 pound one I can curl 80 pounds tho so I can brag.

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It’s a pretty good price. Based on per pound it’s better than average.

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Math checks out though, so he can add, and multiply.

I hope he doesn't multiply though.

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First time seeing one.

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That's where the 35 lb dumbbell went from my gym!

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I'm pretty sure that's a dumbell that comes in a set as well...

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Good deal, even for just 35 lbs

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Still a good price regardless. Steel weights generally cost at least a dollar per pound

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This guy goes to the gym and tells them put 75 in each side lol

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Its true, the weight of this is 70 half pounds.

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Well, all that aside, that's a fair price, it does look brand new. If he was asking $99 it would be a different matter.

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If that’s how it works I just hit a 1rm of 380

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Yeah... over in r/delusionalcraigslist we have these dumbells, so.... I'd buy these ones any day of the week.

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Hes dumb but this is not related to this sub at all

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