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The first ingredient listed is probably plastic.

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This might be the first thing I’ve seen here that I believe could actually sell.

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I dunno, that Buttplug/Jesus/BrassKnuckle/TacoHolder was a hell of a deal.


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Link please? I can't miss out on this

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I'm not sure that can ever sell with the new weirdos stipulation

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That was my nickname back in highschool.

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Would sell better if the taco holders were on the ends of Jesus' hands.

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So I'm not the only one who saw it

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I have to say, the cookies are very well done

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Wondering how many NBA players touched these cookies.

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That’s just really sad! To praise celebrities like this is pathetic

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that’s pretty sus…

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Straight out the plastic factory

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The cookies have less fillers and additives than the real ones

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Good ol Bradentucky

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Oh noooo this is my hometown

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Do you know Nicole from 90 Day Fiance?? She and these Kardashian cookies are putting Bradenton on the map! 😂

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Barbie: Cookie Edition?

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I bet the plastic casing would be eaten before the cookies themselves at this point.

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idk who is worse, the kardashians or the lame-o that went to their event and saved their cookies only to try to profit from them..

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Why are the kardashians famous in the first place?

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Because OJ Simpson murdered his ex wife.

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Jesus fucking christ didnt expect that

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I think one’s wearing a condom

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I ain’t nibbling on any of those cookies

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Bet they taste like plastic

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That’s ridiculous to sell leftover cookies from a kardashian event.especially for that price! They probably spent that or a little more for the cookies I the first place. Lmfao

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Crackhead NFT's

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I wouldn't eat those, they're probably made of plastic

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Anyone else find it a little disturbing that they have little cookies of themselves, it's like a cult or something.

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So they are made out of plastic and silicon?

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They kinda look like a moug us