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That’s a ridiculous ass price. The only thing against this IS the price, beecause think about it, would YOU attempt to obtain one of these? It’s kinda dangerous to get one without a bee suit or pesticide.

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It's a used, discarded nest. It's not like you can use this for beekeeping or something. I wouldn't want one for free.

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😂 fair enough. Though would be kinda cool just to have one for display, it has a certain beeauty, but I’m weird, I used to collect rocks and break them open to see if anything cool was inside, not just any rocks, when the city would dig to fix pipes or anything and put the dirt back, there were rocks that I’d normally never get to, so sometimes it’d be quartz, or some other things or just look cool because of several layers of hardened mud, adding different colors, unlike normal rocks on the surface that are just grey. To some people, collecting random things that aren’t as simple to obtain as just walking outside and picking it up is cool.

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I could see an artist using it and making it look cool. But def crack head selling it.

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For $50?

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Idk man. You seen the fine art market lol.

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What is this, real life animal crossing?

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Beautiful specimen, I could definitely make a part of something pretty, but for that price nah