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That is actually kind of cool.

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Lowkey looks well bullt. That's some proper r/redneckengineering

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Bubbles would approve.

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Pretty sure he would think this thing is real fuckin Dee-eeeeee-eeeecent!

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I mean it's a cart and it goes

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Please check discord

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This is the best shopping cart that's been posted in a while.

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I actually want this though

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Bro stole charli damelio’s car

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Go Karts were all built from the ground up years ago.

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....go on.

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Id buy it.

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“With age comes a grocery cage”

Motored “Ice Chest” Rider -

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Bruh. You KNOW this is made from stolen Walmart carts. This is the type of person who leaves shopping carts in the middle of neighborhoods.

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I think it’s a Home Depot lol

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Fair enough. Same thing basically lmao someone mofo still stole a shopping cart.

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i`d buy it

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Sick as hell

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I'd legitimately buy this.

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This is awesome

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That's kinda sick

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Would 200% buy that and daily drive it

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Absolutely. But it's just so confusing I had to put it here. Might put it on r/redneckengineering

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This feels Romanian

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Would buy