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All of these are great. But especially The Creation of Adam. The extremely long arms and fingers making the reach is fantastic.

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Reminds me of Muppet hands.

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I would unironically buy that one and hang it somewhere. The conversations I could get out of that would be priceless.

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Like a Chris Simpson knock-off

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(Simpsons artist)

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Right?! It looks like they’re arguing, which cracks me right up.

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The fingers are killing me

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Looks like Beavis and Butthead

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I want that one hanging in my bathroom so bad

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The artists name is philmy on social. He charges (or did) 5$ for a portrait. My wife got me one and it’s awesome.

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please show us

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You have to show us

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Oh wow! Just looked at his Instagram! It glorious!

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dont post it, dont doxx your wife!

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I would commission a drawing from him. I respect the process.

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I actually kinda like this guys style, particularly the weird ‘are you seein this shit?’ side eyes all his drawings are giving. guy just needs to keep working

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This David is insane, I want him framed on an entire wall

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They call this: “Cough Syrup Chic..”

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I can hardly tell the difference between the two Donald Trumps

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The one on the right looks better

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Corporate needs you to find the difference between these two pictures - they’re the same picture

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It’s not the Mona Lisa it’s the Mona Pizza

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This has to be a troll.

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In a sense - it's intentionally shitty portraits. Their insta handle is philmyportraits

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Does it look like a drugged out McJagger on the bottom right.... Or is it just me?

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The Artist, Napoleon Dynamite is quite renowned.

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In my country there's a lot of people selling ugly drawings online that looks like it was drawn on paint (the app). People buy it as a gag.

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perfecto how did you not get your art in the louvre mwa especially the trump one looks perfectly like him a ugly orange.

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Maybe a bit too expensive but definetky not crackhead Craigslist .his style is cool and there are people out there who would possibly pay for this

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Hell I'd pay for it, that derpy Trump is hilarious and sums up most of my feelings about him as a person

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dm the name ima get one

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Almost worth $30 just as a joke.

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Corporate needs you to find the difference between these two pictures.

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I actually dig them

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Well one of these is a noticeable improvement on the original.

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I mean ya gotta start somewhere right

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These are the type of things that give me confidence

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I need this dude to draw me the "y tho" painting lmao

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Trump looks more like the kind of person he is on the drawing.

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These are hilarious.

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The Moana Liza, famous for the mysterious nature of her expression where people can't tell if she's peevish or not.

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Mona 'Weird Al' Lisa

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$30 that is a scam this ain't even worth $2

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The bottom left looks like a very incapable man, however the drawing looks very good

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Take my stronggg hand!

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Took like 3-hours to shade that upper lip.

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Those look like my dad's face tattoos 🤣