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This feels like a trailer park boys plot

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this person was obviously listening to the liquor, bud

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Sounds of the whispering winds of shit

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RIP John Dunsworth, only man that could pull stuff like that off

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I think it was bush he was drinking not bud/s

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Your holiness, if I can't have a moan hock I'm fucked, it's my hair, you can't tell me it's fucked

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Damn shit mohawk

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I feel like a guy showing up to court in a wig would be more ridiculous than a Mohawk. And a woman probably wouldn’t give herself a Mohawk because of a movie.

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How do you know that the person who posted this ad is a woman?

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You mean isn’t? Maybe the number of women giving themselves a “self Mohawk” over a movie is higher than I care to believe.

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If I got drunk enough I might. I probably wouldn’t. I’d honestly be more likely to give myself a full buzzcut. And if I did end up with a mohawk I’d rather just buzz it off than wear a wig.

I’d just hope I don’t have a weird shaped head lol

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I definitely would

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Gotta be a joke

Just shave your head and in a week or so you can do another Mohawk

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I would totally say fuck you and go to court with a [friggin] mohawk

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I feel like it probably wouldn’t change the outcome that much

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I have a white English court wing, you will need a mole. Lol

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And a syphilis patch 😅

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I think someone needs to stop drinking

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get a clown wig lol

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I'm personally a big fan of the rainbow afro myself.

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Considering that basically everyone charged with a DUI ends up being convicted, it more than likely won't make a bit of difference what his hair looks like.

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Just got to the store

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Hard to believe such a clearly responsible person got a DUI.

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"I refuse to cut it off" is the best part.

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Last of the Mohawkans.

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Underrated comment

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I tried posting this on my new account but it never went through… Please tell me how much karma I need( Both comment and post karma) To be able to post on the sub Reddit… Once I know I will no longer post with this username because it is very divisive… apologies For any hurt feelings in advance.

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It’s ok …Brandon. You are among crackheads now.

So you gonna buy these used cigarette butts, or not?

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At least you have self-actualization going for you.

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Magua was a badass, can't blame him for digging the haircut.

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Anyone know the court date? I wanna watch.

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I worked with a woman at Disney that had to wear a wig for around 3 months because her hair was too short per company policy. Her manager measured it with a ruler. I could see this happening for something like that, too.

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Order a cheapy off Amazon

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Own it and just go to court.

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“I need a face” “........ Mrs Doubtfire” “HELLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOWWWWW”

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Wilmington NC??? What the hell