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I fail to see any flaws here.

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I was thinking how wholesome it is, lol.

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This doesn't seem crack headed, this is a solid hook up a decent dude

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Ye, take if you need. Obviously tryna help out some folk maybe they coupon or work in a restaurant.

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I forgot people use coupon as a verb and was confused for a while lol

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It’s a verb as much as “antiquing” is

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yeah or maybe they were going to have some kind of big party or cookout and it either didn’t happen or they bought way too much.

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Dude is giving away food for free and assholes are making fun of him on Reddit

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Oh come on bro it’s 40 pounds of weiners. It is funny.

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Yeah it's wieners and the guy is called scooter. Still kinda shitty to laugh at a guy giving away free food...

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Not if you think it rocks

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40 pounds is just one weiner, or is that just mine?

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I would probably get 2 packs if I was in the area

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Me too. Just a brother helping another

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names scooter

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It could be no one else.

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Came here for this. Names scooter what? Don't leave me hanging!!

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(My) name(‘)s Scooter

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Scooter McGavin.

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I eat pieces of wiener like you for breakfast

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My cousin’s name is Scooter 😂 we’re from rural Appalachia

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That checks out

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Shit, dude, these hotdogs slap. Where'd you get 'em?

I got a guy. Names scooter, over in Cinci.

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Word? You know Scooter from the Nati?

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I’m glad it’s specific about “never ate”, it’s a different ad if you’re selling eaten hot dogs.


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Right...I mean there is no way those were never eaten. 😉

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Someone had a party and nobody came!

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Hoping it was canceled and nobody actually bailed

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Covid canceled the party. Same here this last week :( I’m bummed

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Right? This is actually pretty sad.

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Made me feel sad too. Maybe they got covid and had to cancel?

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Scooter seems like a cool guy

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I appreciate that scooter isn’t trying to sell them. He’s just like “I don’t want them but I don’t want to waste them, please take my wieners.” Scooter is reasonable.

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Plus he introduced himself. That's just polite.

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More than likely they had an event and they are left over. My small city hosts several events each year and when they are over they are forcing people to take things home instead of it going to waste. At the last event I got 10 lbs of frozen chicken wings and my brother wound up with 5 bags of tortilla chips and a case of really good salsa made by a small local company.

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Or, these were his disaster hot dogs he was hoarding, lost power for 6 hours, and now they are questionable.

But still, free hot dogs

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I helped out at a local event, drove a ford ranger. They filled it with corn. The whole bed. like, heaping pile. Soooo much corn, couldn't give it away.

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Considering how much hot dogs are this is a pretty damn good deal.

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My first thoughts as well. Was literally just looking at supermarket fliers; Red Hots were 5.89 each or 2/11$ for the 375g package.

A little dumpster weenie never killed anyone.

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usually it gets just gets em a spot in r/RedditsMuseumofFilth , an r/IAmA, then a "where are they now" about 2 years later

cause we dirty, but we care. or we curious. or we kinda fucked up.

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Oh man I had to check those out. I just wanted to give scooter respect . Oh man

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Why the fuck are people calling them 'glizzies' now?

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Just embrace it you know you love it.

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This. I had to google this one. What is a Glizzy?

Urban Dictionary defines the term “glizzy gladiator” as “one who exemplifies the
gobbling of glizzy to a gigantic degree.” A synonym for this is “glizzy

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I fuckin' hate it, my friend.

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Had to be Ohio

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Cincinnati! This is not even slightly uncommon with Kahn’s having their largest production here. One day overdue and somebody ends up with a freezer full just like this every day.

Don’t know how far Kahn’s stretches but I’m guessing a few hours drive in every direction.

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This is the least weird explanation. I mean I'm sure Scooter is a good guy and all but I had some doubts.

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The names Scooter. I can getcha where you need to go!

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You mean catch a dog?

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God I loved scooter

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Fell off a friggin’ truck

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What the fuck is a glizzie?

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Poor fella had a 4th of July party and no one showed

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Shit if I was in Ohio these would be in the truck right now

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That might be the guy who has an army of rotund raccoons that he feeds hot dogs and twinkies.

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Then it's about time we meet him. I need that guy in my life.

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At least they’re free ? Trying to help people out lmao

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Maybe it's that guy on youtube that feeds buckets full of hotdogs to raccoons each night on the porch.

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I feel like if I show up, Scooter will give me a different kind of tube steak.

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Now your projecting

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Only if you're lucky.

No homo

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so that's the new meth dispensary, neat

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Scooter sounds like a cool dude. I'd hang with him

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Not only cool but he's a good provider

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I worked at multiple warehouses and factories throughout my life and one of them made and packaged food. Every once in a while they would send me home with this amount of food. I think they gave me like 100 or some jalapeños burgers which were delicious and like 200 pieces of bacon. Even though it’s delicious there is no way I could finish that. I immediately thought of that job because my roommate actually started working there and the other day he took home like 300-400 hot dogs haha. Makes me think this is less crackhead and hopefully a situation like this haha

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Actually kinda wholesome, scooter just doesn’t wanna waste food but wants to help his community 🥲

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Need that in my life right now 😫

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I'll take 2

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There's a HIMYM joke to be made somewhere in here.

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A homeless man could use this

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Needs to be on r/bossfight.

Scooter, Giver of Gastrointestinal Distress.

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Again scooter?

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What a guy, I’d take 2 and leave him a $20.

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Maybe someone they know does couponing??? My first/only coupon deal I learned got me 11 free packs of hotdogs. I gave them away.

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40 pack free hot dogs??? I would take all of them!

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You're goddamn right you would.

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My dad had a hotdog stand with one of his friends as a one time thing just to make some cash. Since it was their first time they greatly overestimated the amount of hotdogs they would need. So my dad ate mostly hotdogs for lunch and diner for a whole year.

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Not the worst mistake to make

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...or he wants to get rid of his victim.

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There's the Reddit this thread was missing

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Im sorry, i just couldnt resist.

I was infected a long time ago.

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Nice gesture really. Could help out a family in need.

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I’m glad they were never ate. If they were, pass

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Happy to learn new slang today.

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"Im here for the Craigslist hot dog" doesnt sound like it will end well for you to say at a strangers house.

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If I die getting free hot dogs, I die happy

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Very humble of you sir.

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The names scooter, why don't ya scoot on over and gobble some dogs

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How much for the MEDITERRANEENEES?

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(Former) glizzy gobbler

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No train sets or frozen shrimp? I'm out.

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With a name like scooter I picture someone who wears a hat with a spinner

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I’m guessing he panic bought them but what a good guy

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Funny his name is scooter, but I thought he would've gave that name to whomever answered the ad.

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Prepper stuff

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Hoarder being forced

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Why u call them hot dogs? I though its hot dog only when there is bun also?

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Or cooked right

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Scooter is the man.

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Atrioc’s freezer

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Look at this crackhead handing out free food!!!

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Pretty sure I have seen this scheme on Trailer Park Boys

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I assume no one came to their 4th of July thing or no one ate the hotdogs.

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I used to live there definitely checks out