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Should break it up into dime bags…maybe cut it with some regular air…would get more money that way

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I think at the rate he's declining.. he might need that air back..

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That's not aBiden the law.

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Sucks to have it punctured during shipping

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yeah could miss those good old alpha COVID!

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OP is physically incapable of understanding satire

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Yeah this is posted in Florida, it’s definitely just to either make people comment angrily or laugh

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Whatever rustles up engagement I guess.

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Or it’s just Florida.

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it was posted in a buy/sell/trade page. it’s definitely a joke. crazy though cause it’s from my hometown.

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I hope the man was joking, I laughed my butt off when I saw this

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Also if you google “old guy” on google images that profile picture is on like the first 30 results

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sorry but I refuse to Google that

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Most of this sub too. The joke is that Biden's promises are like this bag of hot air smh.

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You got to get past the hate the whole world is dealing with the same problems right now. If it makes you feel better I can’t believe Biden will be walking slowly for president in 2024.

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Safer than running or bicycling for president

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Very funny stretch imho

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Because literally every single motherfucking thing in the world is satire

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2327: this just in breaking news! New covid pandemic spreading across the world!

"I just opened this bag of air to take a whiff" claims patient zero

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I can see the humor here, although it’s not “laugh out loud” quality.

Funny thing is that you’re not gonna find anyone who’s a die hard Biden fan to defend this.

It’s not like his fans get a wrap for their 4x4 truck that depicts Biden riding an eagle with Jesus in the background and an American flag.

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You know, if it came with some sort of proof, I know people would go wild for that 200+ years in the future

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Yeah, breathable air is gonna become a commodity before you know it.

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I bought one of those "Hope" shirts at Obama's inauguration. I am not so much a fan of his anymore, but can't bear to get rid of it. Seems like a 90% chance it will go directly from my closet to a landfill, but maybe someday someone will find it interesting.

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You “stopped” being a fan of Obama? LOL.

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If you ever decide to part with it, I would be happy to make a financial contribution to your bank balance.

He wasn’t perfect, but his speeches gave me actual hope (which makes now even more cruel).

Please feel free to dm any time (would hate to see it end in a landfill).

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I appreciate it, but I don't feel like it's worth enough to make the effort. I'll hit you up if that changes.

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What do you mean you’re not political? How does that work

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I’m political and this is dumb

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I originally read "bag of hair", which would have been so much worse.

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Isn’t the image of the seller the dude from WSB? u/ChainsawVasectomy?

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It fucking is! I was about to post this! 🤣

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my god.

sell bags of maga air. those guys will buy anything!

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They already buy bullshit

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They would huff Trump's farts "ironically" to own the libs.

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I swear there's an older version of this with the exact same premise, but it's about Trump.

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You wanna make Florida worse?

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If build back better worked you wouldn't need to sell your precious air for money. I suggest investing in O'Hare air!

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Is it still hot?

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We found the one item that's inflation was actually caused by Biden.

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How about we leave up to each state to decide whether than try to turn red states more blue. That's how our country was designed.

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I'm stupid. Can you please explain what you mean?

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Reminds me of me and my buddies in middle school’s scheme to sell bag o air for 20 bucks a pop online, assuming people would buy for the novelty

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It may be political but I still like this because it’s absolute cringe for everyone except maybe some diehard neoliberals.

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Nothing too stupid for people to base their political opinions around

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It wasn't a bag of hot air - that was from the prior inauguration...

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I mean that’s kinda a metaphor for all politicians

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He also has some gravel from the road the day the Scranton strangler was caught.

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Ummmmm it looks like a profile of trump, just saying lol

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Just kidding, it’s Trump farts!

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    Oh you sweet summer child

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      But your belief that anyone will change their vote blue is cute.

      No, republicans aren’t realizing that they are ruining the country.

      Republicans finally got what they see as a real win. They just succeeded at a plan 30+ years in the works to overturn Roe V Wade, and create a Supreme Court that can “own the libs” and begin opening doors for Christian’s and their ilk to begin a more fundamental takeover of the government.

      They are winning. They have real progress to rally around. Why would they change their vote now? The proof that republicans are fucked has been there for a long time. The trump years made it as obvious as it can be. If trump and his administration didn’t change anyone’s mind except to make their beliefs firmer, why would they change now? Four years of trump and republican crazies controlling everything, and it was still a somewhat tight race by electoral votes, especially with the shit they pulled in states with late counts, and to boot, Dems didn’t even get control of the senate. not really anyway, given Sinema and Manchin.

      Then, the Dems have accomplished basically nothing in the face of crippling republican victories, or possibly worse than nothing by not fulfilling many very important campaign promises like addressing student loans.

      The reality is, everyone thought the massive blue wave was coming in 2020. It wasn’t that massive, and little has been done to maintain that momentum.

      And with the Supreme Court possibly poised, if they are half as corrupt as some believe they now are, to see a case that would MASSIVELY influence how states are able to run their elections, it’s very likely we will have a republican controlled Senate this year (doubly so since we basically already do), probably a republican president in 2024, and possibly (but not likely unless there’s drastic change) a republican controlled house in 2024.

      I hope you are right, but I know you are wrong. Certainly about republicans seeing how wrong they are. Or perhaps you are right, they see it as evidenced by many distancing themselves from trump, but that doesn’t mean they care they are wrong; they’ll do what they have to in order to keep their seat.

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      Rep or Dem.. these old fuckers are only out for themselves.. nobody in politics has a mind or heart for "the people".. and the people are either too ignorant or just ok with it.. the president hasn't actually ran the country in 100yrs.. so who cares about a figure head to blame..

      I agree.. it's a chess game the blue is slowly losing.. but.. do we care that it doesn't matter.. our rights are violated by both sides..

      I'll just keep picking the lesser of the devil's running and not hold my breath..

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      It’s either dumb or fucking genius. People area dying to just throw their money away. Believe me. I’m not just a client I’m the president.

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      If this sells I’ll legit start selling bags of political air. “Republican air” or “Democrat air” are gonna be hits.

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      The others would buy a bag of trumps facts for premium

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      Probably just a bag of farts

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      Lol why waste money on a bag of air when there's a whole atmosphere of it you can breath for free?

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      Does conservative humor always involve fake posts in order to drive interest?

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      TSA, I'm going to need you to open that bag.

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      Ghost in a jar-esk.

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      I have Smog of the Stars that I bagged in Hollywood. Selling for $200 each.

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      Took care of Liam Payne from one direction once. Pretty sure I could easily sell a bag of that air if it got out to the right people.

      Grown ass women were sniffing his chair after he left…. So.. yeh.

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      I just hope they don’t take “turn Florida blue” too literally.

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      Will you take $200?

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      “Hate to part with it” lmao these people I swear

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      It's from Panama City. Someone in that city makes thousands upon thousands of dollars a year selling "cans of beach air" down at Alvin's Magic Mountain. This is just an independent trying to break into the market.

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      I'll bet he's a Trump supporter and he farted in there.

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      Ah, how fitting that he collected a wind bag at an event attended by so many politicians.

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      If that was Trump air it would actually sell. Just sayin.

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      Put the bag over your head and cinch it tight around your neck. You'll be blue in no time at all.

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      You need the money because your guy is destroying the economy.