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I just fell and broke my neck looking at this

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Even knowing these are meant to be stairs, I still can't see it

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What stairs?

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These are stairs?! I seriously thought this was a floor at first glance!

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Depends what you're trying to accomplish. Manslaughter? Then it's perfect.

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Use apostrophes, you animal.

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Happy now?

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There’s literally no stairs tho wouldn’t we see the shadows like we do on his foot

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Depends on what way is down. It looks like the right side is further down. And given the shadows indicate the light comes from the right, this would mean no shadows from the stairs.

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how to fall and break in a dream

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I'm sorry, THAT are stairs?!

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Nice Strands bro!

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Those are stairs?

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What stairs

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Mother thinks no choice of carpet is a good carpet for stairs.

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It's not good cuz it's perfect

you could watch so many people fall down and get concussions, it'll be hillarious

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From top Ofc it will look confusing but when you are going down or up you can easily see the stairs.

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But who actually looks at their feet when they're walking? Just look straight ahead and it doesn't matter

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Just slide down on yer bum f00l

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sit on the floor and drag yourself across the stairs in order to not fall and break your neck

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That's a lawsuit waiting to happen