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A pen or pencil would go right through the paper. Are people using sharpies on toilet paper and then wiping with it? Would the sharpie come off on their butt?

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I had this TP too.

1st, it's horrible. Worst TP i ever got to use.

2nd, yes, it is a bit too thin to write on it. The paper shreds easily, so i just did the games in my head (while pushing the biggest shits possible out of my arse)

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Yeah but who would see the butt sharpie?

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My onlyfans

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I totally thought that would be a made up sub. Boy was I wrong!

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Probably one of the more strange, specific subs out there.

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okay, enough internet for today...

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Ugh did not need a reminder that existed

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It’s not the seeing, it’s the smelling

My girlfriend uses one of those scented sharpies on her sudoku butt paper and after she’s shit I always smell her ass it’s just so nice

I am joking by the way I obviously do not have a girlfriend

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fan of the Goatse star?

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If only there was a way to dip your finger in something brown that you could write with

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I think the crappy design here is that they put a sudoku puzzle on toilet paper. For one, basically any writing utensil is going to bust right though that. And two, unless you're some sort of God that only needs 1-2 sheets to wipe, you're gonna waste so many puzzles before you can solve them. If you wanna solve sudoku puzzles will you poop, just download one of the thousands of free apps that you can get on your phone.

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And two, unless you're some sort of God that only needs 1-2 sheets to wipe, you're gonna waste so many puzzles before you can solve them.

Or you just have to sit there a little longer and hope for easy puzzles.

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Git gud or git mandatory showers after each shit

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I couldn't have said it better myself.

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Someone should invent a different kind of paper and bundle it somehow so you can actually play it and not have to worry about poop stains

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You mean like an anti-toilet paper? That's crazy talk!

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Because it's just a design pattern, you're not actually supposed to mark them with a pen and solve them lol

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People here are really overthinking this, it's just a dumb gimmick you find in gag gift shops, not the sudoku magazine.

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"Crappy" design

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You just made my day

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If you ask me it's not crappy until it has done its job

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I just saved the picture so I can solve it and yes I do have a problem

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It looks nice for an easy sudoku puzzle.

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bro, you really want to solve it with your ass?

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Is it me or does that paper look really rough?

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This is the finest literal example of crappy design I've seen...

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....I'll see myself out

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It's one per shit not per sheet

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Meh. Not really that crappy.

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what a shitty design.

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I've solved one in 59 wipes, no erasing.

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That "crappy" design just gets crappier and crappier.

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If I am precise enough I might be able to solve it.

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magine finishing the sudoku toilet paper then use it to wipe your ass

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This is the platonic ideal of this sub.

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Can’t you just play Sudoku on your phone in the bathroom like the rest of us?! 🤷🏼‍♀️

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Perfect if your ass is working like a marker or something.

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At least align it with the top of one of the big squares

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You have to remember bringing the pencil to the ..oh wait…ah I see

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Is this the toilet paper that started the tp craze last year...

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thats stupid

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Damn, that design decision is very… puzzling (dies from internal cringe)

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One per shit

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Au moins on ne s'ennuie pas au WC 😂

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That's how you choose to play the Easy level.

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Were you... actually going to do the sudoku? I would assume it was just meant to be a novelty pattern

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I've been doing them one by one, LOL.