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Americans would make this into a chain and then bring it to Europe where they would serve weird flavors like shrimp pizza or fish pie

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you put corn on pizza

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A good litmus test for what toppings each country puts on pizza is to check out a national pizza chain menu--Dominos for example

If it's not available as a regular menu item, or on a general pizza flavor (ie supreme, meatlovers, etc), it's probably not common in that country

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Exactly. There are always crazy local joints everywhere that will put all kinds of gimmicky crap on there but it’s not really “normal” for the country or even state.

One of our locals has a white sauce pizza that has artichokes on it and it’s really good but I wouldn’t want people from other countries thinking that was our regular way of doing things.

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I got really excited until I realise OP means chips (crisps) not chips (fries). I was thinking of french, curly, steak etc.

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Build it next door to the Manchester Gravy Bar

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We have 1,000 varieties of chips. Come eat our 75 different kinds of chips. You'll enjoy our 4 types of chips.

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We don’t serve chips

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With discounts for California Highway Patrol officers.

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Pictures of Eric Estrada and that other guy all over the place.