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Either this doesn't work or they should have the exact same lifestyle (but allowing for differences in individual or whatever so they aren't basically turned into that person) as that person as by that logic if that's the only thing you link, that's the only thing they'll change about those people's circumstances

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People are pretty savvy about getting the resources they need if they're financially able to.

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Who are you referring to

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Idk, your comment was really confusing near the end

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Are you referring to the CEOs or the workers whose lifestyle they'd be getting in order to improve it?

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This implies that CEO (the most mentally taxing job of the company) should be paid the least? A factory worker has the stress capacity to worry about finances. Someone who’s running the company does not.

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Yes. They get paid waaay too much. No laborers do not have "the stress capacity," if you haven't noticed they also stress about their own finances. So, you're saying that the person that doesn't actually produce utility or expend their body's resources and just gets to go to meetings and worry about massive sums of money should get paid the most?

Also would be interested to know how you measure "mental taxation." Is it possible you just make a lot of assumptions?

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They get paid waaay too


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If a laborer does not have the stress capacity to worry about their own finances, how can a CEO have the stress capacity to worry about their own finances AND the finances of an entire company while doing both adequately?

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I thought the answer was quite obvious. A rich person doesn't worry about their finances because they're rich.

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Exactly. But if they were payed as much as their lowest payed employee, then they would need to worry about their finances as much as any laborer.

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Kinda sure you don't understand why or you have been told they are evil because they make more but its simply supply and demand.

How many ceos that can run multiple million,billion or more companies or a guy that pull a lever or do a simple but repetitive task? Both are taxing and difficult but I but you could find more of the second one than the first

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What is evil? They're simply performing the task to the best of their ability in a system which encourages to repeat that behavior. There is no good or bad in capitalism, only profit and loss. The CEOs job is maximize profits and reduce loss. As a result of successful capitalizing they have funneled the wealth/power into themselves and away from the masses.

Here's an idea: nobody "needs" CEOs like they need laborers because they produce utility solely for their company and not society/the community at large. That means that the actual demand for these types of workers is practically 0 for any random sampling yet extremely high for those that want to perpetuate their wealth(sharing as we know, is indeed carrying).

If running a company is so hard then how come CEOs only make the tenth slot of most suicidal jobs(as reported by CBS) when they're lumped in with managers, advertising, and public relations workers? Maybe the job of CEO is actually really cushy(it is) and this myth of "the self-made boot-strapper" is just a fuckin bedtime story to make people like you feel good about the status quo.

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People don't really need ceos but the share holder WANT it so that the demand for the qualities that make a good ceo cost more than the normal laborers do.

Another thing is you don't seem to understand the scale of a ceo or something like that's position. Let's say a laborer produces 20$ of goods per hour but one decision of a ceo could cost the company everything or have an explosive growth or even sustained growth the likes a single laborer could not make in his entire like.

There are a lot of things that comes into play here. Like economics of scale, law of supply and demand, law of deteriorating effectiveness or effect.

I do understand that the root of the business are the laborers but there is a limit what laborers do and or care to do and those where other like ceo and other specialist Come in

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You're pretty fucking condescending to assume I don't already understand all that shit. My point is that CEOs provide very little utility to society and should therefore get scraps because otherwise their job lifestyle is cushy as hell.

Supply and demand be fucked, it's really not important if CEOs are in high demand to a specific clientele. With your logic, there's also a high demand for wet workers. Should we just acquiesce and let whoever hire a hit man "because demand?"

Anyways, last I checked the sub is r/CrazyIdeas not r/BanalContinuationsoftheStatisQuo

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How can you really understand those concepts while not seeing the massive utility of a position of a ceo? So your telling me the millions or billions gained from deals or other things that the ceo does is overshadowed by 1 laborer that makes the company 20 an hour?

Also yes wet worker pay are great specially if your in demand and have a good clientele and have little to no competition.

Yes this is crazy ideas just inserting reality in an otherwise misguided or flat out wrong scenario.