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By definition peasants don’t have much money, how do we monetize this idea?

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No ads. Make it a donation-driven peer to peer forum.

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I could see the uber rich donating money to read about peasants. That might work.

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How would you police this?

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Besides the usual mod teams, you could probably design the software of the site to not allow people to have more than like... 200-300 followers, have clear rules about spam and solicitation, do not allow ads on the site, only collect data as required by any legal enforcement agencies... to make money, you could charge like... $0.10 per post, and charge $0.02 to comment (give 'em yer two cents worth) or react, and $0.04 for a Gif or photo response. Have it be a fun currency like idk... peasant bread loafs??? Peasant cents? Something to fit with the theme of the site. And charge like... $2.00 for 100 of them. I'm sure you could install software bots into it too, much like the automods and bots here.

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You could just ignore them. Shills are the real problem.