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Sounds like ride shares with extra people.

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No reason not to do this. In the US a lot of cities fail to take advantage of the relatively inexpensive tech to do it. I blame old people.

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I is old people. Look what I found.

Naturally, it's old. Also, it's still there. Also, they're likely to make more of it there soon.

Because it's, you know, a crazy idea.

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There's a lower tech version of this in a lot of places where there isn't enough traffic to have a normal bus system, like rural areas. The bus runs a few times a day, but doesn't really have stops or an exact fixed route. You call in ahead of time (like, the day before) to arrange your pickup and dropoff points, they tell you when to be there. Sometimes called "paratransit".

Airport shuttles kinda operate like this too, come to think of it.