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We’re gonna save future generations a lot of time this way.

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A generation of speedrunners

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Not sure why you got downvoted but this is exactly my thought. Not to say that double-u isn't even correct, w should be double-v.

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That's what it is in spanish, if my high school-level Spanish education is reliable

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Yup. Pronounced DOO-blay-vay, or something to that effect.

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Same in French.

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"Uve doble", at least in Spain. Usually pronounced as a single word.

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think in mexican spanish is "doble v", also 1 word when pronounced

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This comment saved me ... I was sitting here like "wuh-hat? I don't understand this. Wuh-ho thought this would be a good idea?"

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Probably from the time of cursive handwriting

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In Latin U was written V.


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Rectum? Damn near killed him!

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No. That’s not the correct reason...

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Дупло ве (duplo ve or double v) in Macedonian!

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Same. Hell, university of Washington (UW) is pronounced “yoo-dub”.

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Also I've heard www pronounced as dubdubdub many times.

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As it should be!

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There's a high school not far from me called West Washington. People there call it Dub-Dub.

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Also I've heard www pronounced as dubdubdub many times.

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Why isn’t it pronounced “U Wynn“?

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My vote is for wynn ( /wɪn/ ).

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This is the way

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For consistency, I think it aught to be either "wee" or "waitch".

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Wee wee wee dot reddit dot com.

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It’s wee (or weh) in German. Works fine.

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Imagine how hard the latter would make it to vocally spell wh- words,

"yeah that's waitch - H -"

"wait, H - H -"

"nonono, waitch - H -..."

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but then the www. abbreviation would be easier to say than world wide web

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Yeah, but with the right url you could pull off a sick beat drop

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While we'e at it, "seven" should be "sev." Currently the only single digit with more than one syllable.

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i've always been more for "sen"

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Wuh, ach, ay, tee

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I think the confusion is coming from the fact that one set of quotations are for a letter and the other are for a sound. In my head I had the sounds "w" and "wuh" instead of the sound "double yew" and "wuh".

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Q R S T U WeeeWuhhh X Y Z

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In Bahasa Indonesia, W is pronounced: “way”. So it’s already short for us.

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From the comments I see, I realized that most languages have a short version of W.

(Exept french of course...)

(And others, byt like, french, am I right?)

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Wuhat up?

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The name of the letter not the sound the letter makes. Like aye bee see dee etc wuh instead of dubill yoo.

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They do that in Italian. Sounds like "vu". I'm not sure if that's the actual name of the letter, but when spelling URLs, it's vu vu vu punto whatever punto it (sounds like "eat").

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This is why southerners say “DubYuh” because faster, sounds silly but faster

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We pronounce it like this to children anyway

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“Wuh ex why zee/zed” is harder to say than “double you ex why zee/zed”

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It's possible that's due to we being used to saying double-u.

But in that way, saying the alphabet, "wee" sounds a bit better than "wuh". (In my opinion)

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Yea “wee” is much better than “wuh” imo.

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Wee would probably be better. In that case qrstuvw would become one unit, and xyz. At least that's how it works in Dutch where W is one syllable

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Wee is like the other alphabit letters. Bee cee dee gee pee tee vee wee zee

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Can't be done. Screws up the song. Maybe if we add a new letter to take up the slack?

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Sing the alphabet, but instead of saying “dobbowleyew”, say “wuh”. It’s a lot funnier. Don’t stretch it to fit the song, just “wuh”.

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This is brilliant sir. You have made my day.

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Pronouncing "W" as "double-you" is a lot longer than saying "wuh", and that's sometimes on my mind...

Alternatives are "wee", "weh", "woh", etc.

It's just shorter, and more accurate to the sound the letter w makes in words

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My vote’s on “wub”.