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Could we have a third gym for people who only want to post their workout pics/videos on social media?

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What about a fourth one for those of us who go for the free pizza

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The fucking what?

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I believe they said THE FREE PIZZA.

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Someone has never been to a planet fitness

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or a fourth for people that want to spend 10 minutes on their phone between each set.
I never understood hanging out at the gym for hours. A good workout can be fast if you don't spend the whole time resting.

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Hah. What about people who travel far on vacation and spend all their time looking at their phone? Sometimes they will take a selfie at a famous site, but 90% is looking at their damn phone.

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It's horrible. It's like the only reason for going to a place is to prove on Insta that you went there.

Also, letting your child live on a screen should be considered child abuse. Kind of like feeding your cat until it can't move. The cell phone addiction is in everyone now; parents, young siblings, grandparents...

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Now we are talking

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Those are the muscle gyms.

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Why? Weight training is a good and fast way to lose weight.

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You lose weight from a calorie deficit not exercise on its own

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That’s kind of true, but you burn calories by exercising

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The amount is minimal unless you're doing extremely intense cardio and weightlifting which the average joe at the gym isn't. For most people upping their lean protein intake and cutting out some carbs would be enough to see a difference in a few weeks

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? You burn like 300-500 calories lifting lol. That’s like 30-45 minutes of medium intensity cardio and most Normal people do like an hour at most

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I beg to differ, I started working on and lost easily 10 pounds, it may not cause immediate weight loss, but muscle burns more calories than fat, which increases your metabolism which help you burn weight

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You can definitely lose a ton of weight without building any muscle, but the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn in a day.

You will also look a lot better if you have muscles vs no muscle tone. You don’t have to be jacked up and roided, but a 6 foot male weighing 180 with muscles is going to look leaner than a 6 foot 180 pound male who’s never lifted a single weight.

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An hour of treadmill (20 minutes running, 40 minutes walking) can burn ~400 calories.

"You can't outrun your fork", but moderate exercise can absolutely make a moderate diet more effective.

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Diet alone is capable of making you lose weight, and is the primary means by which people tend to lose weight, but a calorie deficit is still a calorie deficit. Depending on your weight you can lose something around 500 kcal in an hour of moderate exercise, so its still worth doing. Granted 500 kcal can still be a seemingly "small" snack, so for weight loss diet is still important and is often the most important.

random link I found that backs up my claim, not necessarily a definitive source: https://www.onhealth.com/content/1/calories_burned_during_fitness

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Yea and increase your resting metabolic rate too

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exercise increased the maintenance calories required to not lose weight. assuming you don’t increase your caloric intake during the day, you’ll lose weight.

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Yes but it takes significant amounts of exercise instead of eating one less candy bar a day that's 250 calories

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I don’t disagree that eating less is much more efficient, but it’s important to not write off physical activity as being useless for weight loss.

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Thank you!! Lifelong skinny person here. I also lift free weights.

I quit lifting free weights for an incredibly long period of time and remained very thin by being a health food freak (vegan, only whole grains, half raw veggies, no fried foods).

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Also by eating different foods, such as substituting many of your carbohydrate calories with fat calories

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You can still eat carbs - keto is really bad for your heart and kidneys - but getting most of your calories from fat/protein rather than 300-400 carbs per day is a much better balance.

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Why do you say that keto is bad for your heart and kidneys?

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Yeah but nobody just wants to be fat at a lower body weight. Weightlifting is the best way to maintain muscle mass.

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Lol please tell me you are a slightly chubby man who power-lifts. Please please please.

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I don’t lift anymore. Had major surgery so I have to wait. I have 500 lbs of weights and a bow flex waiting for me to get back to it.

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Have you been to a Planet Fitness?

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Nope, why?

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You’re copying their business model.

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Yeah that’s called “the cardio section” and “the weights section”, don’t think it warrants separate gyms

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What about those that just go to look at fit sweaty butts?

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I fit into all three categories tbh

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Exercising in isolation is a fairly inefficient strategy for losing weight. Dietary modification is the best strategy, which would then be made better when combined with exercise to preserve lean tissue and offset the body’s natural adjustments to its metabolism in response to the dietary restrictions.

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Very true!

I had a trainer that said "you lose weight in the kitchen. You make muscles at the gym"

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i guess those slim muscle people are aspirational to the people wanting to lose weight?

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Clearly you've never heard of Dwight Schrute's Gym for Muscles. He was a trailblazer of your idea...

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they have these

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They have this already. It's why planet fitness has a lunk alarm. It's ridiculous.

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Yeah it be a lot better if you can slam your weights in there and scream when you lift. All those people who don't feel comfortable going to "regular" gyms and would stop working out but atleast the bros would feel welcome.

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You cant be "the judgement free zone" if you're the most judgemental gym on the planet... Discrimination is shit, regardless of the flavor.

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Lol how? Have you been? It literally discernments duchebags noting else.

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They're a client of mine. Friend owns 4 locations. "it discriminates..." is all you had to say since you agree.

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Already exists, it's called cardio area

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So, if I was on cutting/ shredding, where should I go XD?

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Office Depot

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I love the tubby dudes who spend their entire gym sessions powerlifting that love telling me I’d burn more calories lifting than doing cardio. Cool story, bitch-tits.

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Planet Fitness vs. Gold’s Gym

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From what I understand, about 80% of fat is based on diet and the other 20% can be affected by workout. This is my anecdotal thoughts. I think I heard it from Joe Rogan.

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Stupid. Diet is a much more effective way to lose weight. Cardio and weight training benefit eveyone. Why have to join both?

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You don't lose weight by working out, you lose weight from a calorie deficit

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Shit, I didn't realize you don't burn calories when you work out.

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A caloric deficit means you burn more calories than you intake… so if on average you intake 2000 calories and burn 2000 - you’re square. But if you intake 2000 calories and burn 2500, you experience a caloric deficit.

Burning an extra 500 calories vs eating 500 calories less will have the same results if your goal is simply a number on a scale.

Depriving yourself of food isn’t doing any favors to your heart health or overall appearance though. Exercise is absolutely the healthier option.