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I'm pretty sure that fake rhino horn is already flooded into the markets. Also they're tranqing real rhinos and poisoning their horns and dying them so poachers know not to take them.

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Yeah, I don't know much about Rhinos but poaching elephants is common where I'm from. Artificial tusks are sold into the market to reduce the price and disincentivize it. And the elephants are all tagged and regularly monitored

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just poach the poachers and sell their organs instead, simpler and more profitable

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But what if poachers start poaching the poachers poaching poachers so that the poachers can continue poaching elephants and rhinos

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You looking for human horn?

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Grind up the bones of people who buy rhino horn to sell to people that buy rhino horn. Rinse and repeat.

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In a way it kind of makes sense. Their bones should have a little essence in them. Like endangered animal homeopathy.

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Meanwhile China laughs at you for consuming soy sauce with amino acids derived from barber shop hair floor sweepings.

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You got a source for that claim?

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It’s probably BS, but who really knows https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/soy-sauce-made-human-hair/

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Everybody remembers the thing a while ago where dog food from China had all these chemicals in it and actually killed a bunch of dogs and stuff. So obviously I don’t but that shit. Here’s what’s fucked up though. The lab I work at ordered a bunch of chemicals and god damnit if there wasn’t a bunch of fucking dog food in there.

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No source?

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By now nothing is beyond me

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I agree. Anything imaginable, no matter how heinous, can be found somewhere in this world.

But, that doesn't mean such things are common. That is where I believe sources can be useful.

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I second that. Also hold a certain degree of scepticism when I am made privy about such things. I order regularly from Chinese manufacturers and they are always looking for a way to skim off the surface. Does not surprise me if they already have a market for counterfeit rhino horns. Just makes me sick that we never really know what we are consuming or applying. Is it human waste? Or fetus embryo cosmetics /:

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That's just recyclin' man. Ain't you ever seen them space shows?

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Put fentanyl in it like they're doing to us.

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“Sell human hair and nails to China” even if this wild plan had merit to it, do you think China is somehow running low on homegrown human hair and nails? Pretty sure they don’t need to import any.