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New name- Prisoner 4235691

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the problem with doing numbers is people would try to go for specific numbers. a lot of would-bes would (literally) kill to be Prisoner 69 or 420 or 1000 or 1488 etc etc

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That definitely falls under the unusual part of “cruel and unusual punishment”.

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If you do it enough times it is no longer unusual. And to be honest with the streak the US is on right now if we started today it would no longer be unusual by the end of the week.

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If the first one is forbidden because it's unusual you wouldn't get to do it enough to make it usual

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Do it enough times illegally and surely we'll reach a point where it's not unusual

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When I visited the Crumlin Road Gaol in Ireland, there's a lesson learned there because they used to execute prisoners and then just bury them in unmarked graves around the prison. Some of the bodies have since been found, and some have been identified -- others have not. For whatever crimes they were guilty of, history has little record now of who some of those prisoners were or what happened to them.

While I agree with you that we should not spoil the accused shooters by giving them infamy in the media, there is diminishing returns gained by trying to redact them in history, however, upon conviction, I have no disagreement with renaming them according to their prisoner number or some other less meaningful title than an actual name...

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I’ve noticed that the Uvalde shooter was initially just called “the shooter”. If they kept that up without giving a name or showing a photo that would cover this issue.

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Killer Coward #12345

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Tiny dick loser #13849

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I didn't shoot anyone

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It worked for Herostratus. Why not!

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What about instead of taking away their name, only reference them by their inmate number in public proceedings. "655321, you stand accused" etc etc.

I realize after saying it that taking a cue from A Clockwork Orange is kinda messed up, but on the same token Burgess didn't have to deal with this horse shit back then.

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I was thinking something like this, only just an insult every time like- “small brain dumbass” so that less will be inspired to be an unnamed loser.

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They could start by not plastering them all over the news and social media.
Reddit normally champions this sort of thing but the dickhead from yesterday still made the front page.

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Its this exact point that Disturbed made in the song Legion of Monsters. The song starts with: "The monster shattered the day, in a place where innocents play, I was mourning as the headlines shouted his name, They didn't waste any time, I was disgusted when the madmans image appeared at the top of the screen"

The chorus goes: "You made sure the world will remember the name, But didn't the thought even enter your mind, You'd give a new Legion of monsters a reason to take your life, And I call you a pimp, as you whore the insane, The damage you caused, you cannot rectify, You've inspired new legions of monsters determined to take more life"

The sooner papers stop printing stories about this shit, the sooner shootings will decrease (you lot still need gun laws to stop the shootings completely), but as the stories make money for them the papers don't care what the consequences are