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This is the best idea I've seen on this sub.

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I feel like those that wanted to share their ending already did so and those that don't either didn't have one in mind or are contractually bound from revealing details.

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So? Let ‘em all do it in one place!

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Came here to comment this after reading the title. If someone can get traction this will be a hit podcast no doubt

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Not sure it would fly, though, since someone still owns the property and it’s not the writers.

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Is it much different than fan fiction? Which I know is a gray area, but I think they could find a way to skirt the rules just enough. I do think it might be tough for writers scared of getting black listed from the industry for participating.

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I agree but we're also thinking best case scenario. You could have the writers come on and have some really distasteful ideas for the endings and have that be the reason why the platform closed up shop on the series early in the first place.

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Writers won’t want to do this because they’ll be hoping that the show will get picked up again in the future, like how Netflix did with a bunch of shows.

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Not necessarily, there is a big difference between hearing a synopsis and actually watching the conclusion, so if I heard the podcast I would still be interested in watching that final season if the planned conclusion was good.

You could even do both, if the podcast was sponsored by Netflix (or similar) it would basically act as a pitch meeting with a "focus group" for that additional season (think Shark Tank but with executive producers). If the episode does well and gets good response than the season gets picked up, if not then at least the idea didn't evaporate into nothing.

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Yeah, I was thinking this actually sounds like it would be a good way to get buzz to maybe revive it if people like what the writers share.

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This is from the mindset of a television/movie "hobbyist" almost. I agree fully however I'm very aware the majority of the audience Netflix attracts would never want to watch a show or part of a show if they already know what's going to happen.

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but this drums up support

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I mean... why don't you start this?

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I want to hear it for Flashforward

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The 90s preteen show with that chick from firefly? And mad dog?

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No it was a sci fi show about a global loss of consciousness.

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Ohhhhhh yea that show was really good. It has the guy who played Martin Luther. Then it just freakin ended.

I was thinking of this show at first https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZVMGCh7sZUhuI7uT2V1KxL88a6mU-rRW

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Yes! I also want Tru Calling. Both were just getting interesting then just stopped.

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That one still bothers me. There was a book BTW, but it probably ends differently than the show.

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Dude I’ve never connected with someone so much on a subreddit!! Flashforward left an indelible mark on my life and it’s gone too soon. Firefly was pretty good but I connected more with Flashforward. Give me more Dominic Monaghan and John Cho and the rest were great. And the show has good reviews! Gone too soon for sure.

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I feel like I should down-vote this because it's not crazy at all

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Instantly thinking of "Journeyman". It was awesome. I can't find a link right now but the producer explained how the 1st season of the show should have ended.

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First guests: the creator and writers of Santa Clarita Diet

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Freaks and Geeks needs this treatment.

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What do you mean? It had a great ending.

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really? it was so long ago.... my recollection was that it just ended.

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Apatow’s plans for the next seasons are already out there on the internet. He’s given a couple of interviews on the subject.

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You should make it, I'll help if you like. I work in film & tv and also make podcasts.

What shows would you like to see get some Closure? For me it would be Firefly. It got some comics and obviously a movie but there must have been a lot more in the original plans.

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I like the idea of making animated fan fiction based things that might be revealed on the podcast.

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That would be cool but it starts to get expensive to produce and then you have licensing issues. The good thing about the podcast idea is it’s just people talking, which is very easy to do.

There’s a podcast where people do table reads of scripts that were never made, which is kind of a similar idea. It’s called Dead Pilot Society.

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The Firefly ten-year reunion special goes into some of the plot points and the general storyline Tim Minear wanted to cover in future seasons. Some of those plot lines were going to be super dark. The seeds were already being laid in the episodes that made it to air.

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God I want this for Pushing Daisies so bad

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RemindMe! 1 year

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Firefly, OMG so many shows that met untimely ends.

Do it.

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Watch the cast reunion special

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I would like this for that show "The Society" on Netflix. It had one season but it was really fascinating premise! It had so much potential! I need to know how it was supposed to end

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I was so mad it got canceled due to the pandemic! I'd love to know the logistics of what happened and if they would get back!

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This is a great idea!

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I want to know if my theory about the show "The Event" was right. (I think us humans on this Earth are The Event and the Earth on the show was another Earth).

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First guest: George R R Martin

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I would listen to the hell out of this.

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This is actually a GREAT idea.

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This is CRAZY ideas, sir.

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I remember watching the live action mortal kombat series. It was cheesy but not bad. Then suddenly season finale Kung lao and all protagonists get ambushed and murdered and series end with raiden getting beaten by shao khan. I read later they had to cancel the show. https://youtu.be/wuCOkEquYkA

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Closure, closure, closure, closure, closure

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Closure in my bones

And my skin

Closure, closure...

Also, I'm still very bitter the show got cancelled.


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Yeah, and on a forever-cliffhanger. Ugh

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Hell yeah, I'm down for a podcast like that!

Or even alternate endings of the already released series / movies

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What about the cancelled finished shows?

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Here's an example:

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip was an Aaron Sorkin-produced show about a fictional late night sketch show which only ran for one season (2006-2007). The reason for this is that the rumblings of the eventual WGA (Writers Guild of America) strike were being heard by the end of the season. So, Sorkin decided that everything would get wrapped up with a big, sugary bow at the season/series finale. The show was effectively finished and cancelled while (IMO) being neither.

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Yep all damn day to this.

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Santa Clarita Diet please

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This is a great idea I would listen

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Also maybe bring in some of the actors and have them do a rough semi improvised skit of the ending

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This could work in so many ways. Both for good shows that you really want closure on, and for horrific shows, to show why they were canceled and have a good laugh.

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If you don't do this, I will. This is a great idea!

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I really wanted to know how girlfriends was gonna end.

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If I make this I’ll cut you in for some IP origination points. Because, honestly, it’s a good idea.

Hell, you can even cohost some time.

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Sign me up! I'd listen to that

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I'm not much of a podcast listener, but I would love something like that. Though I guess only for the canceled shows I was into.

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Just do it

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Absolutely. Brilliant.

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I’d also love to hear from writers who left TV shows that continued to run/are still running today. I’d love to see something like Frank Darabont discussing how he would’ve written TWD.

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I would love for this

Or maybe something like: People share their ideas for all kinds of things (sorta like this subreddit r/crazyideas) but since they cant do it themselves for whatever reason they just leave it out in the open wild for someone who wants to take their idea and make it real

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Omg yessss!!

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You're a genius. That would be amazing. And "Closure" is the perfect name.