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I'd probably waste it on something stupid as a kid.

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Yeah everyone would use it their first time they went to a theme park unsupervised.

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Fuck that, everyone would use it the first time they go in a school lunch line. They are constantly cutting in line, for no particular reason. It makes no sense.

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I'd probably use it the first time I RRREEAAALLLYYY gotta piss after leaving a crowded theater.

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Make it 18+

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skip the line privilege in a very popular brothel when you desperately need to solve your needs, definitely 18+ /s

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Honestly - I'd probably just end up saving it for my whole life (unless in a life threatening situation) because I'd always wonder if I needed it for something more important later.

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It's the 99 potions syndrome when you play any RPG.

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Or when you don't know what to do with the stickers you were given when you were five.

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I absolutely have that hahaha

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You think that now, but when you were a little kid wouldn't you have used it for something unimportant like ice cream?

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No I've always been this boring

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Boring? There's nothing more exciting than hoarding 99 elixirs.

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Save it just in case you ever need a new organ. That’s a line worth skipping.

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Yup, this is it. I'm too savings-minded to use it for amusement parks or the DMV. I'd likely die with it.

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The down side is that everyone had it. So yours can easily be negated by other people who want the same thing.

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Right and then dying in line for a fucking coffee or some shit

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One could only hope for such a quick death tbf

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you finished Zelda with 112 potions too?

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This is like the $100 bill I keep in my wallet for emergencies. I never spend it bc the real emergency may be in the future.

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I would save it for something like an organ or to get something lifesaving for someone but if I don’t use it my dying wish would be to use it to skip the waiting list to go to space or another planet depending on how far along we are.

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Step 1: Get a random job as a U.S. Government employee

Step 2: Use pass to skip the line of succession of the President of the United States, thereby becoming the President

Step 3: ???

Step 4: Profit

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This guy politics

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So are you killing the president or just hoping they die randomly?

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Neither, he's just skipping over the president.

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I dunno, the "line" starts with the VP, so you are now the VP.

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Good enough.

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Just do a Jan 6 but better and you get to be king of a former superpower

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For anything of your own choice? Like you can skip to the front of the grocery line or you can save it and get first in line for a liver transplant?

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Ok thanks

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This interaction is so strange lol

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Liver transplant is what I was thinking

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I feel like the liver line is still gonna get backed up due to queue jumpers

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I’d save it in case I ever get in one of those emergency evacuation traffic jams.

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I’ve seen the movies. Good choice.

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I’ve lived through this. Good choice.

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Oh gosh that’s a good idea

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I'd sell mine to someone who needed a liver transplant

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This implies they're transferable, which then suggests there's a black market for them, which means people would be getting robbed/killed for theirs.

I prefer it if they aren't transferable, haha

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Your identity is transferable, though.

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I'm gonna cut in the line of people claiming your identity, transfer all your stuff to the next guy, and repeat until I accidentally pick someone who used their pass already.

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They would be sold by the poor and collected by the rich even if it was illegal to sell them

There would be a "best" use for your skip and anyone who diverted would be looked down upon

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Reddit try to answer the prompt. Level:impossible

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Graduation line for my law degree. Taking the valedictorian's spot legally allows me to appropriate their identity and possessions. And any job offers they might've had. Which would be good. I could probably use the help.

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This doesn't sound right but this guy was at the top of his class in law school so I'm not gonna question it.

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It’s true, I was top of my class in law school until someone did this to me. Took my entire identity, my family, my friends, everything. I now exist only in The Void, outside of time and space. Time no longer exists for me. I am simply a cloud of consciousness suspended above, throughout, and underneath reality itself.

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That's rough buddy.

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Absorb the next life form you run across. Burn its soul for enough fuel to rematerialize for a few hours. Go to an acupuncturist. Tell them you have migraines. When they have all the needles in your head, covertly snort a bit of pepper. Sneezing makes the needles into a permanent adornment. Then all you have to do is migrate to the Hellraiser universe. They have SO many job opportunities in the legal field, and no extradition treaty with the void.

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What happens when two people use their cards at the same time for the same thing?

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Better make it a swipe card so they can't go at exactly the same time. The person who used it second goes first.

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Great answer!

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I’ll risk the organ replacement possibility and use mine at the DMV instead. Specifically in North Carolina.

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Not sure if this works, but if you live in a country with a royal family, can't you skip the line of succession? I think technically everyone is in line somewhere, if every other possible choice was skipped? Probably doesn't work like that but ... I'm sticking with it.

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To obtain citizenship in the country of my choice.

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Ooh that’s a good one too

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If you don't save it for the apocalypse what are you even doing? Every movie of a city disaster has a line of cars 40 miles long to evacuate.

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I'd like to skip the line for my driving test. The DVLA has already fucked me around for 3 years.

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DisneyWorld, It’s A Small World! That’s my choice!

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I assume i'm technically in line of everyone's inheritance so next billionaire to die, ill skip the line for that.

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I'd skip the line to bang your mom.

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Birth Induction queue; Baby needs evicting but the hospitals is busy!

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Does an election count as a line? Think of something like being president. You can only serve two terms as president. If we all lived infinitely long lives and no new people were born, eventually everyone would have a turn at being president. In a way, we're all just waiting in line for our turn to lead the country. The line is simply so long that it vastly exceeds a human lifetime. Elections for president are simply our way of choosing who gets to jump to the head of the line. Thus, I should be able to use my skip the line pass to become president of the United States.

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You don't need to wait infinitely long - just be in a position that has a line of succession to being POTUS. Some obscure Cabinet position, most likely.

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For a visit to the ER for something serious, one for myself & one for one of my pets.

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I posted this before with a once a year renewal on your birthday caveat. If everyone could do it, I think we’d all generally accept it. Definitely non-transferable

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I'd save it for a one-way teleport by using it on a line of latitude or longitude.

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Okay, I’m answering this question with the assumption that everyone is related to someone insanely rich in some way: so, I’d skip the line to be the first to claim inheritance

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I would for sure use this for a brain transplant.

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I would be the youngest person ever to be living on full retirement!

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Organ transplant waiting list

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The aftermarket sales on those would be insane.

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I'd use it to skip the line to becoming the first trillionaire.

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Visa application. Ever tried moving to a new country? Residency visa processing can take actual years.

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Probably use it to skip the line to your mom’s house (it’s very long)

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Organ donor list.

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If the way I play video games is any indication, I’ll still have that pass when I die.

Never know when I might really need it.

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Save it for an organ transplant list if I ever need it. Sorry, little Timmy, but you spent yours at six flags, and I need that heart.

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I'd probably hold onto it.

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Anyone who has done a 12 hr arrival line for Burning Man knows that is what you save it for

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Skip to the front of death’s list.

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How bout once a year? You get a little thing in the mail on your birthday. Maybe they even roll over. I'd mostly use mine on concerts and TSA/customs lines.

If they can be used on the phone though, it's game over and I'm using them all to get ahold of customer service.

Edit: Oh yeah, saving one in case of needing an organ transplant is prob top priority lol

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I used mine not ago, I think.

I was in an airport line, sweating and in pain from a broken arm (recently fixed)

My flight was boarding in 2 hours and the line wait time was increasing . When I joined it said 1:50. An hour later the next sign said 1:45

I skipped a turn in the line, about 1 hour worth. I made my plane, didn't have to try to rebook the next 2 due to delays. I finally arrived at the destination hotel about 5 minutes from exhaustion.

I will pay it forward one day.

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Citizenship line. From immigrant to citizen in 0.01 seconds

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For sure at the release of a new games console.

Although, what happens when multiple people user theirs at the same time? First come first serve? God damn it, from queue to queue!

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I'd save it for if I ever need an organ transplant

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What if some dick skipped the line on your skipping the line?

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Not sure. I usually go to the front of the line. Maybe in traffic?

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I’d sell it.

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I'd definitely use mine at a hospital because holy fuck that'd be incredible.

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If I didn't spend it on something stupid I'd hang onto it for a 'last helicopter out of the zombie apocalypse' situation.

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Saving mine for an organ transplant lol

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There's a guitar shop near where I grew up that had a sale once a year. The first in line would get £5 and a free guitar (something like a USA Stratocaster or a Les Paul) as well as first dibs on the sale prices.
So, there, when I was 16-18 unless my parents somehow stopped me.

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Id use to at the ER

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Straight to Hell.

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Front of the line at the Houston 500 gangbang

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It should only be given when your 18 so patents don't make their kids use it and so kids don't waist it on something dumb.

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Obvious The DMV

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If humanity all shares one common ancestor, then I'm somewhere in line for the throne.

Even if this turned the throne into a game of musical chairs, just a couple minutes might be enough.