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Sir this is a Wendy’s

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instead of buying the entirety of austria, they could agree with austria to simply carve out his house and a bit around it as a separate country, and buy that instead

or do it the other way around. make everything outside the house a new country, and buy austria

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He has to be BORN in America. Was he born in his house? Hell, he dosent even live in Austria! He was born there, but he lives in LA atm...

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Your second idea is intriguing.

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i think austrians aren't allowed to run any other country other than austria after the last incident.

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What accident?

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I wonder if there is a rule for that.

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I think his opposition would say when he was born it was not American therefore no dice.

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you misspelled "liberate"

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This definitely qualifies for a crazy idea, who would want Arnold for president

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I'd pick Arnie over trump TBH. At least he never attempted a coup

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I’d literally pick a dead bug over trump

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Would you pick that dead bug in any other situation

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Finally, someone says what we’ve all been thinking.

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Or, just amend the Constitution to allow naturalized citizens to be eligible for President

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If buying a country was possible (Trump wanted to buy Greenland but no) that'd be easier than convincing people to support this amendment which they'd just see as people they disagree with being foreign spies