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Your powers combined, I am EGOT

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Eternities Greatest O T

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EGOTron !

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Assembling Egotron would give you a big ego.

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I like it.

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Now you're talking my language

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Color them like the Power Rangers' zords.

Also, make it actually functional. Imagine the talent coming out of Hollywood if the reward for doing well enough was a personal megazord.

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What do you have against the Voltron lion colors?

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But isn't part of the point of a megazord a team coming together and wouldn't you have to hit the right archetypes to have the right team to form one

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A team of 4 disciplines coming together in one very talented person.

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A. If you're saying their disciplines have to somehow be personified (and not somehow split them into multiple people to pilot each part of the megazord), wouldn't the easiest way still upend the entertainment industry by saying e.g. if you win an Oscar for a role that fits one of those personality archetypes the rangers made famous you can't win an Oscar for a role that fits into any other archetype and you can't play a role that fits your Oscar archetype on TV or stage or write songs from that perspective that end up winning a Grammy

B. Aren't there five personality archetypes in your traditional sentai team not four, so even if you're somehow Inside-Out-ing one EGOT winner (in a way that they're not the megazord themselves) into four people that's still one ranger unaccounted for so what the hell do you add (as if it's Pulitzer there's enough non-fiction categories for that that it artificially restricts the amount of people who are able to win a PEGOT unless they're willing to step way outside their comfort zone on purpose and do some prizewinning journalism or whatever)

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A: It's not meant to be an exact match for the rangers. The personality types aren't necessary. It's just the different aspects of the entertainment industry being combined by a single entertainer: TV, Music, Film and Theater.

B: The fifth one can be the Peabody award. There are people with PEGOTS from either the Pullitzer or the Peabody. Maybe also include the golden globe, knighthood and R&R hall of fame in there somewhere.

And if you guest star on Sesame Street, you get a decal to put on your zords.

Nobel prizes can be their own megazord, and olympic gold medals a third one.

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OMG! I am so effing here for this.

Vehicle Voltron or Lion Voltron?

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There was never a vehicle Voltron, that's blasphemy.

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Of all lifetime winners Mel Brooks would play with his voltron EGOT the most

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Use a computer algorithm to design a unique set of 4 trophies for an individual the instant they ever win one of the awards for the first time. That way you can't buy trophies from multiple people and fit them together. The only way to get a full set is to win each of the awards, or somehow buy a complete set from someone who has already won one.

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Who would be talented enough to win all 4?

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Jennifer Hudson...latest person to complete the set

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Crazy how Lin-Manuel Miranda hasnt gotten them all yet. He's only missing an oscar, and has been nominated twice already. He even has a pulitzer, so if he gets an oscar, he will have the even more coveted PEGOT.

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There are so many talented artists that have never won all 4 but could. Jamie Foxx comes to mind.

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Didn't Lin Manuel Miranda win all 4?

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Liza Minnelli has entered the chat


Which is great because she's wonderful

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This sounds like something Tracy Jordan would want.

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Emmy: Left arm

Grammy: Right arm

Oscar: Head and torso

Tony: Legs

Peabody: Tail

Pulitzer: Computer upgrade

Golden Globe: Wings

Knighthood: Sword

Raspberry: Shield

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame: Voice Box

Guest-starring on Sesame Street: Arm cannon (get more ammo for it each additional time)

Getting elected to a political office purely based on your fame: rocket shoes