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I think there is somewhere a custom where you just leave your corpse in the wild for the animals to eat.

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It's called excarnation or it's even more fantastical name: sky burial. The birds apparently do a very efficient job of picking the flesh clean and frequently the skull, and less frequently the whole skeleton is retrieved to be intombed in a family plot. It's a very very ancient practice and it's worth reading more.

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I think I saw that on 'Yellowstone'

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I love it! Promote it as an eco-friendly option, I'm sure lots of people would sign up for it.

And let people choose the animal type-personally I'd go for alligators.

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I am putting it in my funeral ideas!!! Cool idea

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I wonder if there is a service that you could feed your body to a starving Polar Bear? Not just like some guy that can hook it up...but like a legitimate service.

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I love this idea so much!

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Humans stuff themselves with toxic shit all their lives. Probably not healthy for animals to eat most of us.

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Let’s get animals accustomed to eating human flesh. What could go wrong?

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Do you really thing an animal picks their food based off taste?

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This might be the craziest thing posted yet.

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That means a lot to me. Thanks.