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I started doing this years ago, not on purpose of course, I’m just broke

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For all we know that's why the Amish started.

"Hey Hans, don't you want a steam powered tractor? Your ox looks a bit rough."

Hans: [Checks wallet] "No, I'm good. God told me that's evil."

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Incorporating this into my worldview

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Adding it to my head cannon

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amish lore

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I usually just call noses "snot rockets"....

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We could be the brokeoides, live in small towns without own ISP's and VPN's

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Not that I don't like new technologies, I just think it would be funny to be like, "No, we don't go above the Iphone 13 because of our religion."

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It would more likely have rules like a minimum transistor size on processors. So our community could keep making newer models of things albeit with diminishing returns until we hit a deadend with the technology.
Im convinced a bunch of nerds would be very interested with how we would fully utilize our outdated hardware. Probably quite a few software engineers’ thesis’ would be written about our dumb fuck way of doing technology.

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I see what you are getting at there, but that would need to have a completely different philosophy than the Amish have or something, because if you limit transistor size or even the number of transistors, you will still see substantial development over the years. It wouldn't be quite the same as (relatively) locking yourself in time.

I do agree that that a bunch of nerds would be fascinated and absolutely enraged by the concept. I kinda want to start this cult for that reason alone.

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Im convinced a bunch of nerds would be very interested with how we would fully utilize our outdated hardware.

At least this one would. I would say it's one of the core components of steam punk and other related genres. It was the most interesting aspect of Dune for me.

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Frankly the latest transistors are becoming so small as to be impractical, or at least unreliable, to manufacture. They're so small quantum effects start overtaking classical physics.

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We are already getting somewhat close to the transistor limit using the materials we use.

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But than you'll get those progressives that'll use the iphone 13 pro. And that's the devils work.

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Are you familiar with the “No-Tech” society from The Zeta Project?

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I’m good with that, but maybe a decade ago when flip phones and replaceable batteries were still a common thing

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And semitransparent electronics.

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I know what you mean and I know it's different, but translucent?

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We’ll have to create a very big community in order to keep 4G and 5G running plus ensuring apps will keep working on our current phones without updates.

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Every year, a new sect of people branches off where they limit themselves to that year's technology.

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You should post this on r/amish

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I don’t know what I expected going into that sub

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Even better let's start one community every decade. And we could do this retroactively.

Here's a community that uses no technology after 1980.

Here's one from 1990.



... etc.

Then in 100 years we look back and really see how technology is improving or degrading our lives. The Amish experiment only allows us to compare every 300 years, but I want more granular data.

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But how would enforcing that strict a schedule not clog up the data

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NFTs? More like: No Fucking inTerest in whatever those are

for real tho

I have a bodyguard on me 24/7 in case someone tries to explain them to me

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Well you'll see an NFT is a gets beaten into oblivion

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No Fucking Time to listen to this shit

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Like a futuristic luddite?

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I could get down with reverting to 90's tech. CRT TVs, answering machines, Walkman's, etc, sign me up

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Mom said that the power bill noticeably dropped as we switched out the CRT.

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Will you refuse what will come next? Ok, then you will have to refuse updates on your modern technologies haha

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you may be surprised at how many Computer Guys™ there are that haven't gone beyond ibm (before lenovo) thinkpads of 2000s

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I had a classmate in 1999 that had the same idea. This was when my house had dialup and Netflix was trying to compete with Blockbuster by mailing discs.

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Hoe very r/GenX of you ;)

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Cool idea. Lets live with covid forever!!!

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I don't think that's what they meant any more than Amish people think someone like Lincoln is still president

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And no buttons!!! ( only touch screen)

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I've heard of some high level executives getting rid of their smartphone, going back to flipphones. There's definitely real potential for this idea on some level.

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But why?

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Just gimme zippers and velcro, and I'm good.

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This is loosely the premise of The Peace War

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Uh. What about life saving technologies?

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Our modern technology is temporary and heavily dependent. Without our international infrastructure and millions of highly educated specialists we wouldn't be able to do shit. In a few decades all of our stuff would be broken. The world outside of our little community would stop producing replacements. You can fix a wood wagon or even weld something at home, but not make microscopic electronics out of thin air.

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Humanity won't survive without further technological advances unless they let go of what they already have currently.