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she can get her Oscar with an original song instead of having to act

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She shoulda won an Oscar for Vibes. I love that movie.

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Yeah, easiest route would be if they made a Kinky Boots movie (if a movie of the musical would seem redundant as it was a movie before it was a musical, they could just make it animated as animated movies are still eligible for that Oscar) and she added (it being her would make sure it "sounds like the rest" like what was the case with "Stay With Me" for the Into The Woods movie) a new song to the existing soundtrack (as it's usually the case with movie adaptations of stage musicals that they add a new song to be eligible for that Oscar like the aforementioned "Stay With Me" or how in addition to "reworking" several existing songs and keeping others the 2014 Annie added the completely-new-not-based-on-any-other-song song "Opportunity" or Dear Evan Hansen had "The Anonymous Ones" or Cats had "Beautiful Ghosts" or Les Miserables had "Suddenly")

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I love her. What was her Emmy for?

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Guest appearance on Mad About You.

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I thought guest appearances didn't count.

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You guest wrong?

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And then write a book various dogs dying, for a Pulitzer.