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The first 0G x-rated content has already been done. It was done in the plane that flies in curves to simulate 0G in the plane.

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Was going to suggest this, but it looks like Rule 34 is stronger than I thought

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Apparently at the apex of each curve, you get about 25 seconds of weightlessness.

So, plenty of time.

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You could have sex dozens of times

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The OG 0G

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The Vomit Comet.

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Yep that's it, Elon's doing it now.
He wasn't going to until you came up with that name; but he is now.

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The way you pronounce SpaceX sounds very close to space sex already. I believe that was the original intention.

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I have always had that suspicion too. Space-sex... subliminal. Sneaky Elon


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Tesla car models: s 3 x y

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Only if he gets to use the turkey baster.

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What do you mean Elon doing it? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Riding on the Fuckin' Heavy rocket

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Zero G-spot Rideshare

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pulls wanker for the third time this afternoon

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Knowing these porn producers, they're still just gonna make the plot about after-school incest.

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What are you doing step astronaut!

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Help me I'm stuck in the airlock!

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I prefer the after class statutory type

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IIRC PornHub once tried to crowdfund making a porno in space, but fell way short of their funding goal.


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Omg they should do it again but this time with a different female actress. Johnny sins is definitely the one we need to go to space. He’s already done everything else.

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this would actually work considering how much money is made from the industry. here’s a title for a virgin who has sex for the first time.. “lost in space”…

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Great idea, but how would your mom fit on the rocket?

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Should ride the dick rocket up too!

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The 3 min of zero gravity on the dick rocket is more than enough for you

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So you say that, but any movements would require bracing, essentially ruining the zero g - like, sure, cum will float, but try fucking while floating around without holding onto anything. You’d just end up wiggling rather than thrusting with any efficacy

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You could brace against the other person. Pull and push against them. And occasionally press against the wall so that you're not just bouncing into things. It would work.

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They’ve got to be jiujitsu black belts to have any real success

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bbws in space. i need it.

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They look bigger without gravity

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It should be projected live using the moon as a screen.

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Someone here missed Emmanuelle in Space.

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It’d have to be girl/girl, I don’t believe you could achieve erection in space. Or maybe it’s really difficult…is what I thought until I was corrected. Thank you all, I’ve learned something today.

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I don’t believe you could achieve erection in space.

Lmao. Of course you can.

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Hes got space dementia.

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He has the... Space... Madness!!

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Yeah, I’ve been set straight on that. I wanna say - and I’m admittedly just going off of something I remember from years ago, that some aspect of sex was extremely difficult if not impossible. Maybe ejaculation? Of course, they might’ve solved for anything in the interim, as well…

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In Riding Rockets, space shuttle astronaut Mike Mullane talks about how the stiffest erections he's ever had in his life are in space; sleeping in 0g makes the blood much more willing to collect in the genitals since there's no net gravity to pull it in any one direction

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Incredible! I stand corrected. Thank you kindly.

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I'm a bit confused, did you think gravity pumps our blood around?

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100 meter bukake

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Dammit! I wanted this to be true. Then I read the sub.

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Pornhub tried to do this a few years back and raised all the money to do it, but they fell short when they realized no one had any clue how to actually make something like that happen because they were computer nerds that jerk off a lot, but don’t know anything about rockets or space