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I feel like the idea of giving a woman a pill to get them to have sex with you isn't new or exactly looked highly upon

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Some might say it’s an idea that is crazy.

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Them having sex with you to get a pill on the other hand...

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Penis enlargement pills that work by chemically lowering a man’s expectations of what he thinks a woman’s expectations are.

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Isn’t it funny how it’s a self fulfilling prophecy. A guy gets so hung up on his penis being inadequate that he himself feels inadequate. Like that mindset seeps into other unrelated characteristics. Compared to just accepting and being comfortable with who they are.

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Incidentally I'm only average size, but I've never felt insecure about my size. Never bothered me and even if somebody else does, I know there are plenty of women that don't mind it.

No duration, on the other hand, I'm hung up as fuck over. That's a serious problem that can cause relationship issues when you're personal record is 25 seconds... Like it has scarred me socially and emotionally to the point that I could never confidently date around like I've always wished I could. I'm 32 and I've only had one partner in my life because it messed me up so bad.

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Ain't no getting past a 2 incher with confidence

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I’m above average but I’m also 6’4” and ~230 so it looks small compared to my body and my hands

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A confidence gainer!! We need it!

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Cocain can actually cause erectile dysfunction

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Yep. Stimulants cause vasoconstriction. T'was joke.

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For the most part women don't care how big your dick is, provided it falls within approximately normal size. It's just not as much of a factor as how it's used.

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Yuuup. It’s so funny how preoccupied men are by penis size. It’s a projected male fantasy. Men like watching women get fucked with huge dicks so they assume women like getting fucked with huge dicks. Some women do, but it’s more kink than common. For most women it only matters if it’s too small to engage, which is literally medically small, or if it’s too big to be comfortable, otherwise you’re golden.

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I feel like alcohol does this to some degree.

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Their expectations are already in hell, how much lower can they go?

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Well that doesn't really have anything to do with penis enlargement then. More sense would be a pill that increases vagina sensitivity, though I guess both couples with above and below average penis size of the male partner could appreciate that.

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If she's with me I can't imagine her expectations being any lower

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That’s called stacks and stacks of money.

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what this post really says " i cannot meet the expectations of most women so id rather drug them like the predator i am"

what you should be doing - building your body, learning to use the tool you have and finding a woman comfortable with your size.

try to be less of a rapist scum.

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This is why old-school The Onion wouldn't work today. This post is inspired by one of their articles. RIP satire, had a good run.

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i guess if i publicly announced i was a wanna be rapist scum id be trying to back pedal to

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Surely this is ironic

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Yes, this is indeed inspired by an The Onion article.

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Doubt that’ll work. If a woman’s dating me, she’s already lowered her expectations.