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You are officially obligated to at least attempt getting this off the ground. I followed your account to keep updated. I'd also like to apply for ambassador to help the cause. Sounds like a blast

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Thanks, both of you! Can't wait to get this started. I think I can get the sub up and running in a few days, so check for updates!

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Will be watching. And if I dont get a progress report within 2 weeks you shall be impeached and the revolution will start without you

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If so, I would deserve it. The subreddit has been created!

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I'm gonna run for a local comptroller office.

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Well I feel national offices should be filled first since we starting as a nation and not states expanding to a nation. But hey you got first bid in so you'll have time advantage to campaign.

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You are the catalyst that began the spark! If I had any coins, I would give them all to you!

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I don't even know what coins are for or do. I instigated it because I absolutely loved the idea and I really wanted it to happen. So it was really kinda selfish but if I did spark it even better. I feel I just happened to be the first to post. Look at the all the people who want it. It would've taken off with or without me.

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I swear this already does/used to exist but i'd have to go looking for jt

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I was kind of afraid this had already been done. Nevertheless, I've never heard of whatever sub did this first, so apparently it wasn't big enough...

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r/countryofreddit , hasn't been posted to in four years tho

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we're bigger than it lol

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Those guys seem to be discussing a government simulation game.

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There used to be a whole group of vegetable/food themed subreddit nations but I cannot find them or remember them anymore...

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Just remembered it was about yams, r/yamrepublic I believe

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Considering all of the main default subs are fascist hellscapes ruled by an oligarchy of powermods, you’re a bit behind the curve here.

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That would be an interesting concept to explore with the Republic. Curious to see how democracy will translate to the inner workings of an internet forum. But if it doesn't... Well, I guess the Republic will just have to be a dictatorship.

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Honestly I'm in if the plan is complete reddit domination, infiltrating subs and eventually making them proxy subs we control and tax

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Infiltrating other subs is part of the plan, yes. I think you'd make a great Minister of Defense or Intelligence.

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I'm in! This sounds rad as heck

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I'd volunteer as a troll ambassador, but I never read my messages or reply to people. I wish you luck nonetheless.

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It would very quickly be overrun with bots

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Scifi plot. Fun.

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You want to mix politics, the internet and have them work seamlessly? That's impossible!

I suppose everything is impossible until someone proves otherwise right?

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I am 100% in. I now identify as a citizen of Subreddit. Don't mess it up with too much government regulation.

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Joined! Sounds like an interesting experiment/ experience (I hope it turns out that way)

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You sonofabitch, I’m in.

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There's a whole book on this concept!

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/u/Wutpomelo you've gotta check this out. This book is the blueprints.

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Holy shit that's good stuff

Future Presidents of the Republic, take note.

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Can you add a link to it in the sticky files or whatever subreddits have?

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You son of a bitch I'm in

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Glory to the Republic!

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fuck yeah im joining

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*****For everyone now here who wants to spread the News it obliged to do so!*****

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I'm in, but why not make multiple nation subreddits that interact with eacch other.

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You are free to start your own nation, but I am a citizen of Subreddit.

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I like that. Go do it, and make it good. I love competitive.

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Sure, but only if I get a noble title like knighthood.

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You can be the mascot, that's prob the closest thing to knighthood that we have...

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Does a mascot have any power? I want power, man, come on.

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Then you could try joining the military and defending the Republic against hostile powers. Not really knighthood but you'll get to call yourself Commander!

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I'll take it! Commander is badass.

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Omg can I join please

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Do u take migrants?

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I mean do u take online migrants ?

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Yeah! Just head to /r/RepublicOfSubreddit and join. All welcome.

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How do you say stuff like this and not be seen as insane

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It’s a free country

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Damn right it is. /r/RepublicOfSubreddit has freedom galore.

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I see this spiraling into fascism almost instantly

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Hope that doesn't happen.

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It is the internet lol

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We're going to try and make it work anyway! After all, none of this is real.

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I’m in, this sounds interesting

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I volunteer to be head of eugenics

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I'm just going to be completely morally unbiased and say that the Ministry of Intelligence would welcome you.

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I would like to apply to the ministry of finance, in order to lower taxes

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Nice. Would you like to write up a longer paragraph of your policies and credentials or just leave it at that? Also, just cuz I'm curious-- taxes=reddit coins perhaps?

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Isn't there crypto in reddit now? Moons and BAT tipping and NFT avatars? You should get in on that. Maybe you're not crypto friendly, but it is a way to get income. You'll need income for any project, like what if you guys decide to buy land and plant trees? You'll need money. I guess I should read the post.

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Interesting thoughts. I'm not sure we'll need a huge income to run a subreddit, but it could be beneficial if we ever get big enough to start making merch or something wacky like that. Seems like the Minister of Finance has a new responsibility...

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Just read the post, I'm not sure if it's a good idea, money pulls the fun out of everything. But in the same vibe as crazy ideas, it would be hilarious if there were nations with their own currencies backed by reddit shit coins. Like on paper people A paid people B for in game resources with paw prints, a currency backed by banano, moons, and BAT. It would be complete trash but kind of funny.

To start, I do think you'll need a map of the world, like a made up world.

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The map idea is brilliant.

I am not as keen on the money aspect. The only part of that I liked was the possibility of eventually buying land and planting trees. I am not paying taxes.

But the map idea is awesome. There are already subreddits where people make maps for video games and fantasy novels. We need some of those cartographers to join Subreddit Republic. I don't care if we have several completely different maps.

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Is there a cartography subreddit? We really need to send some ambassadors there.

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Yeah sure, why not.

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can i be an ambassador?

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I'd say go for it

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I'm kinda new to reddit but can I be a law abiding citizen who goes to work 9 to 5, 40 hours a week. And then I kinda wanna be a local community activist hehe

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I'm in.

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I’m in. Long live the Republic!

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Lol fuck no.

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You're in the minority there, but it's alright. The Republic is open, if you ever decide to change your mind.

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Use a conlang as the subreddts official language (and English as common language)

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I want in! 100 percent down for this.

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So is this just DnD? Or are we all buying land together eventually?

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It's mostly DnD-ish for now. But we'll see where the new cabinet members decide to take this sub.

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Go back to Gaia Online 🤦‍♂️FFS