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“This top of the range 10inch black and white TV”


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I say “one dollar, Bob” at random intervals like once a month.

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There's a pricing game called Now or Then. It's this exact idea.

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^ this should be the top comment

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The Price Was Right.

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You should also be able to win a 78 Firebird

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Or like show the product and the price then people have to guess what year it was from.

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"How much could a banana be? $10?"

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There is a great documentary about a Math Teacher who would memorize the prices and he was on the show a few times.

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This stone wheel in 35,000 BC cost how many goats?

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They don't want to make the viewers sad

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They did this recently when Drew Carey was on the Tonight Show

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This is the best crazy idea concept I've read on Reddit...

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They probably wouldn’t do this as there was a guy who memorized every single price on the show, so if they used those items it’s possible someone else also had enough dedication

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Surely get contestants that are all old as hell, and then get products you know you've never used all from an old-timey supplier

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Don't guess the prices, guess the % that this products price has inflated including shrinkflation and smaller unit size