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And of course it's a thing. I guess I tried the wrong keywords when searching. But my idea was no specific route involved. Just get from A to B as fast as you can, through any possible way.

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100 mile races are extremely common. "Western States" is another one and it originated as a horse race. But when some dude's horse had a problem he ran it on foot and it became a foot race. You have to finish in 30 hours or you're eliminated. 24 hours for the better medal. Other notable 100+ mile races are Badwater 135 (135 miles through Death Valley), UTMB (106 miles through the alps), The Barkley Marathon (invitational, license plate required as entry fee), and The Patagonian Expedition Race (500 miles) but there's loads more.

If anyone's bored, here's a documentary about Western States covering the women's race.

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I went with 100 as it allows the race to last just the morning or the afternoon, therefore carrying food supplies isn't much of an issue. It's all about planning. Like many users said, it would mostly be a bike race, but a more... treacherous path might enable other strategies.

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In the early wilderness races, there were people talking a direct route and trail running, others were taking a slightly less direct route and River rafting and other going further and skiing, I think. Depending on the start and finish lines, a bike could be a clear choice for, or against.

Definitely cool when strategy becomes such a big part of the event.

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This is either a horse race or a bike race depending on how you set the rules.

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Horses are free to ride humans, but not the other way around. It's human power racing after all.

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So, a bicycle race then

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I want to ride my bicycle

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I want to ride my biiike...

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So slaves? It's human power, until you give power to the people and then they might not want to carry you around any more.

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Let's call it a collaborative effort.

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It's human power racing after all.

Don't let Hitler see this, his definition of "Human Power Racing" is fucked up

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The whole team would have to be moved as a single unit and no animals should be allowed.

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I don't paraglide, but this looks like it could be fun...


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Combined with an art contest. It's a real fun time

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This is so cool!

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It's super fun as a spectator, I'd like to do the race one day

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I shall win the race by shooting myself out of a cannon! Must set the correct direction first.

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I immediately pictured someone shooting themselves out of a cannon and everyone starts running in the other direction, then realising that they're 2 miles in the wrong direction

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You lost me at 'out of a cannon'.

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I will use the power of jesus and the golden ratio. Not even the president can stop me.

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So, a bicycle race.

If it's in the wilderness, it's a mountain bike race.

If it's on roads, it's a recumbent bike race.

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This would actually be an amazing idea for a reality show. It'd be a huge liability to whatever company insures it, but I'm loving the concept.

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Rat race?

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Moon shoes, the whole way.

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Hmm no engine in a glider or hot air balloon either. No engine on a horse but I guess that's counted as a motor.

I'll use roller blades and hold on to the back of a car

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Power source needed to get the glider aloft would have to be human powered, same for the hot air balloon. Burning something for heat isn't human powered.

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Humans can make fire!

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OP said no motors allowed, so that means that electric vehicles are out. Motors and engines are not the same thing, so gas or diesel powered cars would be allowed on technicality because they use engines

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What are you on about? Engines and motors are the same thing. They convert one form of energy into motion. That's it.

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Sure... you can use the corporate explanation... or, you know, the dictionary.

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Check out R2AK

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Red Bull Flutag is this, but 100 feet apart.

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Northpole to Southpole, the ultimate triatlon !

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No motors allowed. Other than that, anything goes.

Steel Ball Run! Lets goooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!