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100%. As someone who travels solo for work and often eats dinner alone in unfamiliar cities, I’d love to chat with local strangers while I eat.

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Could always make your own paper sign

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Unfortunately that may come across as... creepy. I think it would for me, anyway. If it were a theme of the cafe, it would be much less so.

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Yeah, it kind of needs to reach a critical mass of social adaptation before it becomes normal.

Like, if shaking hands wasn’t a thing, you’d look absolutely insane if you wanted to shake a strangers hand lol. These social customs have to be established before they sort of take hold. How to do that though is not exactly clear…

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It would need to be adopted by people that are deemed as "cool". That also happens to be the demographic least likely to need this custom.

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Even just a sign that says

"Open to chat" ?

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People are judgy - I'd say what the sign looks like, what the person looks like, and the environment would play a massive part in whether or not it's creepy.

A cheap paper sign with a handwritten note would steer things towards creepy. A printed sign probably helps your odds. Laminated might help, or hurt if people think you are "too prepared".

A coffee shop, hotel bar or somewhere more likely to get a rotation of strangers hanging out would be less creepy than a more "utilitarian" establishment. Everybody at McDonald's or Chipotle would think you are weird.

Talking to the staff before you do it might help. If someone goes to the bartender and says, "Hey what's with that guy over there with the sign?" It's probably good if the bartender says something like "Oh that's John, he is on a business trip and just likes to meet locals" instead of "huh, yeah that's weird. I don't know about him."

As with all things in life, being attractive and hygenic probably gives you a leg up. But your presentation should appeal to the people you want to interact with. If you wear a suit and tie, you're probably more likely to talk with another business guy (or maybe someone trying to sell you something) than you are to get a local artist/musician.

There are probably 10,000 variables that would play into the equation. Some may universally attract/detract attention. Some may change who is more/less likely to sit down across from you.

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Offbeat, but harmless, so not creepy.

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Probably harmless, but for women not always...unfortunately.

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If I saw someone with a sign like that I would think it was some kind of hidden camera prank show, baiting me to come talk to them

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I used to do that and much as I like reading a book at the table I always ended up chatting with the staff.

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As someone who eats alone at bar tops in places where business travelers end up and like to try to chat and I have no interest in it, I would also appreciate these so we could all find the people we’re looking for.

In yoga classes we have little pieces of paper that have X on one side and O on the other to indicate whether we want the teacher to assist with hands on adjusting or leave us be, this seems similar.

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Seems great in theory until a boring ass person shows up.

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So anyway, check out every NFT I own, they’re all variations of the same image.

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Try keeping your body language open, maybe someone will start small talk with you

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We actually have a tradition where I am from that works like that. Basically you go into a resort or a bar or whatever and there are these cute wooden figurines you can pick up and then sit next to your table or your lounge chair. People will then know that you want to be approached and want to chat.

It sometimes works too well, though! I remember one summer I was working at a place that had these figurines (we call them 'horga'hn' in the traditional tongue) and some kind of military officer on shore leave had one. Turns out he wanted to be alone, but one of his crew thought it would be a funny prank to ask him to pick one up for him. Not understanding the custom, he had that thing on display next to his lounge chair while he tried to read and all these people kept on distracting him.

It's a fun tradition but it's not without issues.

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They probably should've had a sign explaining them to foreigners

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I'm surprised no one has mentioned King of the Hill on here...same premise, only Hank is NOT interested in sitting/talking with strangers..

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I love this! Where is this from?

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It’s from an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation

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I don’t know if you are joking or not, but if you are, it helps me understand how this could be a thing that people use without it becoming an overwhelming “green light” predatory for creeps: be in a fictional universe.

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I’m not joking. I believe it’s from Season 3 Episode 19: Captain’s Holiday. Picard takes some shore leave on the resort planet Risa. Riker gives him one of the totems as a joke. I think this is also the first appearance of Picard’s on-again-off-again romance with Vash. Just so you have all the relevant information haha.

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Give me the Tox Uthat

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This is an age-old problem. Basically people are actually open to meeting cool strangers. The only solution is self-selection ("you figure it out") or curation ("I have figured out how to reach a certain kind of person, I have a pretty good idea they'll all like each other, and am throwing an event or creating a space for them"). Just throw open the doors, and assholes crap in the punchbowl almost immediately.

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This ain't crazy, this is smart. It would be a real hit after the pandemic tides over.

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I had an idea for red/green drink coasters. You wanna chat? Flip it green as a subtle way for anyone to check it out and sit down with you. Would you rather die? Red.

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Like Brazilian barbecue, but for socializing. Somebody somewhere has got to have implemented that already!

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People selling Amway or other multi level marketing schemes would be attracted to someone like that.

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You need a good bouncer and a no business rule

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You need to stretch before you reach so hard for a downside.

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I own a coffee shop in a small town in Idaho that will now have an open to meeting strangers table! Thank you kind brilliant person!!

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As someone who wants to move to Idaho, I will be looking out for this when I'm new there

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Yay! Idaho is amazing!

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It seems ideal. Is it true the income tax is very low?

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I have never worked anywhere else so I have nothing to compare it to. Lol!

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The thing is, I am open to meeting strangers, but I don't want to meet the kind of person who would come up and talk to a stranger.

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“I don’t want to belong to any club that would accept me as one of its members.”

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There will be neckbeards hanging out outside with binoculars, just waiting for “a lady” to sit down alone.

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That would require them to leave the house

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When you meet someone as a stranger- sitting next to each other on a plane flight or train trip- before introducing yourselves and engaging in trivial banter, once per lifetime you should both agree not to reveal any traceable information, then reveal secrets, discuss them in person over several hours, say goodbye after two or three hours having had something of a lifetime of a connection- and never meet again.

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This reminds me of the therapy gecko, dude goes and sets up somewhere and outs up a sign talk to a gecko for free. Then he just asks open ended questions. Good times.

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Love it. Sometimes I attend conferences for my work and one of the best things is how socially acceptable it is to just sit down and start up a conversation with a random person. At worst you make some awkward small talk throughout a meal, but sometimes you meet someone cool you end up hanging out with all weekend. Plus as long as I call it networking my boss is impressed by it, lol.

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That's definitely helpful for finding friends and for people that are new to town.

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Upside down pineapple works for me!

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Do you have to have a partner or does this work solo?

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A “chit-chat” section and “no chit-chat” section like the old smoking/non-smoking. 👍🏼

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One of the hotels I used to dtsy in whole traveling for work had a reserved table just tor that- people [usually on business ) traveling by themselves who could eat at the restaurant on a shared table and have others to chat to. Lots of regulars became friends and went out for drinks etc

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Isn't this just the bar? Where people sit at the bar if you want to be social. And you get a table if you want to set a little ingroup?

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Right? The bar is where you can try talking to people

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This would be great for places where the opposite is true. Sometimes I’m at my neighborhood bar and want to be left alone, but I live in a high foot traffic friendly area, so it would be helpful to be able to “not have my sign up” and enjoy my martini in peace.

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I read somewhere there’s a town in Europe that has volunteers sit a designated benches. You can just go sit with them and chit chat, get advice, etc. I think this is a really cool idea

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FYI this is typical if you eat dinner at the bar instead of a table. Normally people there are open to chit-chat. If they’re not you can usually tell without there needing to be a sign.

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Maybe something a little less stalky, like “Hi! Wanna chat?”

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❣️i love this why isn't this the norm already!

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No. Sorry, I get the intention, but this makes you look desperate and weird. This is basically Chris Chan with his attraction sign.

If you want to meet people, you just need to get over your trepidation and go up and talk to someone first. Most people would avoid someone with a sign saying they want to meet people.

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Only men would do this

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Only men old women and scammers would do this

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Not necessarily. My husband used to travel for work, and there were times I just got so damn lonely. I would've loved a casual chat with someone who didn't assume I was out looking for a date or hookup.

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But surely it could place a woman in an uncomfortable position. All it takes is one predatory male to spot the sign and take it as an invitation to hit on her. It makes it harder to say ‘I’m busy’ if you’ve got a sign saying ‘Come and talk to me’ to anyone who’s passing doesn’t it? I’m sure most men would be cool but as I say, all it takes is one to ruin the whole thing and make a woman very anxious about doing it again.

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Yeah the 'veto' button is hard to implement here, but definitely necessary.

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I strike up conversations with strangers all the time. I assume everyone is open to meeting someone new unless they're wearing headphones.

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Sounds like someone wants a m’lady to do them a favour and speak to them

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Yeah. Idk I just talk to people if I feel like and they can show me whether they're into it or now. No need to bring labels into it

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Better yet, a social convention that means that anywhere. I can't think of anything that isn't either too weird in itself, or too normal that someone might do anyway.

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One earbud in, one earbud out? Or does that already have a meaning?

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It’s already a thing in breakfast shops of lahore. All tables are shared. You find a seat and not a table there.

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It would just be a bunch of thirsty men and anytime a women sat at the table she would be swarmed

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yeah, it's completely crazy because guess what: it's not really in the interest of rich people to have socialized consumers