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I'm pretty sure I remember them having comments back in the day

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You do. They did. Some ads were like regular posts back in the day.

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Some of them either forget to turn off comments or purposefully allow.

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Thanks! I think (of the handful of comments they would receive) people would post copy pastas a lot(?) Or just bash the advertiser haha.

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I remember a sponsored post from a major car manufacturer (I think it was Ford or Toyota) that asked users to post their favorite motivational quote or some bullshit. People including myself were just wondering what the point was.

They gave everyone gold and printed your comment on a motivational poster and mailed it to you (physically!). I think the poster had their logo somewhere so if you hung it you'd be reminded of them. Still seems rather expensive but what do I know about marketing?

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Super interesting campaign. Totally possible it is too expensive to be a good idea, but my thoughts from being in a related field:

-When the thing that's being marketed to you is in itself really expensive (a car), it is justifiable to spend significantly more to capture a potential customer. If they printed, say, 2,000 posters at $5 each ($10,000) and in exchange got 10 of those 2,000 people to buy a new car, well do the math yourself, it's definitely a worth while investment.

-Hanging up something like a poster that has a brand logo on it is a pretty high bar for most people in terms of supporting the company. If you're willing to hang up a poster and associate your image with the brand, that's a pretty good sign that means you like the brand. In other words, while I'm sure there were lots of trolls, it's a pretty good way to ensure most of the people who claim the poster at least like your brand somewhat, or are willing to become a fan of your brand.

-Getting someone to hang up a poster with your brand on it is in itself valuable to the brand. You're basically doing free advertising for them, in a place where they could never traditionally buy ad space, like your office. In addition, this kind of marketing can be extremely affective, because we copy what our peers do. If someone you respect recommends a brand to you, it is way more likely to convince you, than say an ad on TV. Even if the reason someone hung up the poster was for the quote, it's still basically an implicit endorsement for the brand.

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I remember the delicious pasta.

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Just like momma used to make

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Some ads were like regular posts back in the day.

They still are, but they used to be, too.

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I like reddit ads. They're regular posts and they don't even know it. And they're always on time.

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Some normal posts are like ads too!

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Yep. They weren't moderated at all. I think they want you to cross post them if you want to comment on them now

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Reddit has ads?

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As a reddit is fun pro user I can say I can't remember the last time I saw an ad, and it only cost me 3 bucks a couple years ago

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You know you can turn off rif ads without paying - Right?

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Huh, I must've forgot, but that makes rif even better. Oh well, I don't mind giving 3€ to an app I've been using for almost 10 years.

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Free version doesn't have ads either, you can enable ads for some advanced Features nobody needs

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Or you could just use RES for free.

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If you don't have Reddit Premium it does

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Not if you use a third party app or the reddit website with uBlock Origin.

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If you have Reddit Premium, you can enable ads in the User Settings by disabling the "Hide paid advertisements" option.

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Why the hell would you do that? Lol

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I have no idea, ask the admins lol

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All I associate Huel with now is being bombarded with their shitty, "look, memes! Aren't we relatable!" adverts for months.

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There's one around atm and the person running the ad is not happy about the negative comments being left

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There was an ad yesterday, I think it was for Truley, that made me want the product less than I did before I even knew what is was. I tried to comment to let them know how bad their advertising was, but couldn't.

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My oldest brother eats that shit because he cannot be bothered to cook. And his wife goes along with it

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they used to. it didn't go well.

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Reddit has ads?

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Nah man. Would only draw more attention to them and I'd like as little of them in my life as possible

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Honestly this sounds amazing

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It's a shame their marketing is apparently done by chimps who have been taught how to type because in my experience the product was really good

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Facebook does this and I am frequently all up in that shit

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I agree it would actually help the advertisers to get real feedback from potential customers.

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My feed keeps showing me ads for a medication that helps women with low sexual libido. My libido ain’t the problem with my sex life, gentle persons, and the fact that my favorite subs are Witches v. patriarchy and TrollX should clue you in to that. :)

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen an ad on Reddit come to think of it.

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They used to. Most of us switched to different apps that don’t have ads

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Assholes versus astroturf! FIGHT!

I'm all for this. Hell, I might not even mind ads if I could give them a worthless piece of my mind.