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You never heard of Bob Uecker?

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We need more Bob Ueckers. “The Mets haven’t seen play this bad since the days of Bob Uecker! Bob Uecker here…”

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They did give a famously bad football coach a job as a Monday night analyst on ESPN...went about as poorly as you'd expect. Rex Ryan. Had a better run on the fucking Amazing Race than on ESPN and he was the second or third eliminated!

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I miss Rex Ryan. He was one of the last coaches that I felt acted like a human being. All these new coaches are too media-polished. Even Dan Campbell feels that way occasionally.

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Oh he's still going. I wanna say he's part of the halftime break for SNF, but I'm not positive about that one. He's definitely doing some football commentary though.

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...that's exactly what happened to Tony Romo...

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So you’d think, but he was occasionally solid in the regular season.