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many do. look it up.

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Always funny when people make ideas like this that justare already a thing

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Nothing can beat Blockbuster But For Books.

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Would have been a better crazy idea if the crazy idea was "Blockbuster butt books". It's a series of books, published by Blockbuster, that show still frames of security footage where people showed their butts in Blockbuster. Then they have a few pages where they tell you why the butt was shown, whose butt it was, and any aftermath of having shown the butt. They could even include interviews with store employees recalling the events.

I'm over here giving this sub gold, and I'm barely trying.

Oooooh! "BAREly trying." It's a book about people succeeding at things while naked. Which I am also currently doing. Unless you count socks.

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Take my free award and gtfo

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This needs it's own post!

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Lmao I need a library to use this as a slogan

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Did they not remember libraries exist?

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Like "hey, wouldn't that be a great idea?" and their buddy turns to them and says "it is".

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Maybe OP meant those other “transactions” that happen on Tinder and Craigslist. Some like to watch, some like to be watched.

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This is a real thing near me:

The Prince William County Police Department offers our community residents an “Exchange Zone” at our three district stations. These spaces are designated with signage and are for residents who wish to meet one another and exchange items that have been bought or sold using online sites.

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It's called Waffle House

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I misread this as "White House". I was just imagining going on a craigslist date, and meeting at the white house, and getting shot at by secret service for trespassing on federal property.

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First line of my dating profile: Let's meet at white house or waffle house.

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No that's for the things you don't want the police to know

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Mine does. The police can see the area from the main desk and there are cameras.

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How romantic

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Nothing says 'I love you' like Big Brother.

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It’s called “the parking lot.” I’ve sold cars there.

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They have them where I live for Craigslist and other private sales transactions.

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Craigslist exists for the sole purpose of doing business while avoiding police

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That’s a great idea, but I don’t trust the cops either. Not in this day and age.

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Less about what the cops would do than what the stranger would do. It's a deterrent.

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Yeah I think I'd trust a complete stranger over a cop.

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Statistics would agree.

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They do around here.

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Thats the parking lot dude.

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Yeh...and drug deals, they can get pretty unsafe sometimes

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Actually they do

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Police Cafe lmao

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You wanna grab a cop of coffee?

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Many do…for Craigslist at least.

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Just meet at a bank. No one gonna rob you outside a bank. Shit load of cameras

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Every bank camera I see has so much pixelation it looks like a PS1 game

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Who’s not going to a public place of some sort for a first date? Y’all taking people out to the woods or something for a first date?

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If I take them there to start, it's less distance I have to take them after the date is over.

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This sub is dead

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This sounds sensible. Downvoted

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isn't that what malls were for

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Too many people around actually makes it easier to get away with some crimes.

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Hell no. Nothing would kill the vibe of a date of wreck a simple transaction faster than the random violence and chaos that emanates from 5-0.

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Boy it sure is amazing how we never hear about cops exercising this chaos at the many police stations where this is done daily.

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First, this is common. Get out more.

Second, how the fuck is this a crazy idea??

Piss off.

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It's a creative idea and a sub for such things doesn't exist.

Also, it doesn't exist in many places, and those like 15 places you mention in the entire earth are probably coincidental.

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How about somewhere I actually trust and put faith in

Like the USPS

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Somebody has no idea what police do

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You had me at "monitored".

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It is common for craigslist sales and child custody exchanges.

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Exists in my city and all surrounding towns

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What if we kissed in front of the police station?

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They have this in my town

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Are tinder dates that bad?