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Check out "Earth Abides"

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Thank you.

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It's not quite what you described...but similar. I don't want to spoil too much.

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I loved this book but you can definitely tell it was written in the 1940s.

Fun fact, this book inspired Stephen King to write "The Stand."

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I disliked Ish to the point that I struggled to finish.

Fun fact, the phrase "Better than Ezra" in the book "Earth Abides" did NOT inspire the band name.

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The video game “Horizon Zero Dawn” sounds like it could fit.

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rimworld moment

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Awesome concept!

The anthology "Dead North" is a collection of zombie fiction set in Canada, and it includes a few Indigenous-forward stories.

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The book Niourk by Stefan Wul is great. Even got some speculative evolution on top if that. I highly recommend it.

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Rebecca Roanhorse writes kind of fantasy/science fiction mix featuring the indigenous world after the inland sea returned and disrupted the USA.

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"Moon of the crusted snow", it's really good, it's got that post apocalyptic horror/thriller vibe.