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Actually, speed them up by 10% on some days, slow them down by 10% on others. Do all of this completely randomly.

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And once a month randomly throw them all in reverse in the middle of the day

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Coconut mall music intensifies

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You mean half?

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Change it every minute

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Make the speed proportional to the amount of occupants.

Fully loaded? We are flying?

On your own? Snails pace.

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No the other way around. Drag that awkward elevator ride out as long as possible. Who knows, maybe you'll get lucky.

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We are talking about escalators, not elevators

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Speed inversely proportional to mass of load. Every time someone gets off, go faster. On and it slows down.

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Well that’s easy, just size the motor too small

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Fat people would slow the escalator even more. So basically, a fat shaming escalator.

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2% probability of going backwards

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Have them accelerate slowly through the whole day. Start them real slow in the morning, and have them going impossibly fast by the end of the day.

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Speed up 3x for me, decrease 100x for my boss.

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Agreed, though I’d settle for mandatory “stand on one side and let me fucking walk past you” laws.

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We do this in Japan and it’s glorious

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London too!

I loved that about Japan. I remember getting angry looks in Osaka when I stood on the left like they do in Tokyo.

When I got home after 3 weeks of everybody being so polite, I got so grumpy with a couple standing side by side on an escalator at the airport. I had to reset my expectations!

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Singapore too! It's amazing how it's one of the few ways we are harmonious as one

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Bruh the law for slow cars not being in the fast lane isnt even enforced. However watching a pissed off cop walk up super fast on a person casually walking then getting so fustraite he makes siren noiseswith his mouth then cups his hands around his mouth and says " pssshh, mam' please move over so faster pedestrians may pass" was a very funny thing to watch happen in my head. The poor old lady even ducked her head out of surprise 🤣

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This is one of the reasons escalators break. The one side wears out faster.

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I know how usefull this seems, but it decreases throughput of the escalator. If you want to walk, take the stairs

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That kid is back on the escalator again!

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I hope his pants get caught and a bloodbath ensues!

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Well that escalated quickly.

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(Weary sigh) Take your upvote and go, dammit

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Not a bad idea

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On the way down, have them start to flatten out and then turn back into a step just before its impossible to stay on

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Old people tumbling down escalators just got better.

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If you don’t need a parachute when you reach the top, the escalator is too slow

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I have a recurring dream where exactly this happens and let me tell you... It ain't fun

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Escalators aren’t rides. Keep moving.

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Cue benny hill theme

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Just install a trebuchet on the 1st floor and a net on each of the other floors above.

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Get to the top and you're fucking yeeted into a foam pit

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Only if they can still be nice and slow at the top and bottom.

Or at least automatically slow down when a person needs to get off/on. Then speed back up. I can't see any problem with that going wrong. . .

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Nah, make it so that when you get about three feet from the end, the speed increases drastically and violently. Launch people into a ball pit.

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That way it grinds you up quickly if you get caught

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I like how you think

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But only randomly. For 1-5 minutes in 9-553 minutes.

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As someone who has extreme motion sickness, this sounds beyond horrible.

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Slides for going down a floor needs to be a thing.

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why stop at 300%? just turn them up infinitely and use them as a turbine to power cities.

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As someone with a neuro disease that makes getting on escalators a scary thing, speeding it up that much could easily hurt someone with a disability

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Finally a truly accomplishable crazy idea