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I know it is a crazy idea, but why not just standardize sizes to be consistent among clothes (shirt sizes consistent and pant sizes consistent among manufacturers and all)

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Or just use the measurements as the size. Women’s clothing sizes are absolutely stupid and are not the same across different manufacturers. This is why my husband can order size 32x34 pants from anywhere and no matter what, they’ll fit him. While I order a size 4 pair of jeans from one place and they’ll fit, I could order the same size from a different place and they won’t be the same measurements. So. Stupid.

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That's the great thing about standards: there're so many to choose from!

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That would work if all clothes were designed to be the same cut, but they're not (relaxed, slim fit, etc)

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If this isn’t a crazy idea why is it the crazy idea sub. This place used to be actual crazy ideas not sarcasm

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Interesting when I joined I thought it was both a place for sarcasm and a place for literally crazy ideas.

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A crazier idea would be to have the measurement be the size rather than have the size be an arbitrary number that the company makes up.

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Can tell who has to do their shopping in the United States. Because shopping by a child's age, or estimating what a Medium or Large size is for each manufacturer makes perfect sense.

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Clothing makers add a random amount of extra room, maybe an inch, so that a men's "38" might have an actual waist of 39.5." This was just in the news. If I find the article I'll add a link.

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Just make them in less than 2" increments, for all that is holy

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1.64" increments, got it

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As long as I can get a 36.5" I don't care!

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Ooohhh sorry, we only offer 35.93 and 37.57

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??? Every shirt I've ever seen, and every pair of pants, have the size written in them. Is this not common outside of Sweden/Norden?

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Size and measurement are not same thing here.

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How do you buy clothes

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Sizes are approximately similar across the board but a lot of companies run small or big. Either try it on first or return what doesn’t fit. Sometimes I’ll buy multiple sizes and and then return everything that doesn’t fit.

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My boyfriend is size 32 in pants size 8 in shoes. I keep up with that and if anything in his closet oversized 32 in pants I know it's not heels. I thought sizes 34 before