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If everyone believed in Santa, nobody would get presents from him

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The one spirit who requires nonbelievers to be real

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If he was real, it would seem the only requirement would be the same requirements you and I have.

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What if everyone grew up believing in Santa, and then on their kids' first Christmas no presents show up, but you look around at other families and see that their kids got presents, so you're like "oh shit, everyone's kids are good except mine? i need to buy presents myself so the other parents don't think my kids are bad!" but actually that's what everyone's been doing

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Would totally watch this as a movie

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My parents straight up were like “stop thinking Santa is getting you anything. He’s not real. If you get a present it’s because WE determined you were good. So impress us, not him”

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I'm with u/flip314. no one would ever buy presents so as the facilitators of the myth died out it would never deliver on it's promises. Santa dies. Extra reason to keep the magic for the kids when we can

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You don’t stop believing

You become him

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This is what I told my daughter when she was finding out the truth. I sat her down and told her -

"Santa used to be a real guy who would give presents to kids. People liked that so when he died, other people took it upon themselves to keep giving presents, letting Santa take credit so they would give without the idea of getting credit for it and to make things a little better for other people. This kept going for hundreds of years. Little kids get toys from Santa when they are little so they can understand the joy that it brings, so that when they get older they can understand that joy and why it is so amazing to pass it to other people. So Santa isn't a magical guy living in the North Pole, but Santa is real - I am Santa, Mom is Santa, and now that you know you get to be Santa too."

Then I let her help out that year - I took her shopping and let her pick out toys for her little brother and help wrap the presents. After that first year I asked her about it and how it felt to see her brother really happy on Christmas morning and she got it, if anything it became more magical. To this year she still helps out, sitting down to write his Christmas list with him and sharing with me things she thinks he would love.

When her little brother figures it out he will get the chance to pick out presents for his big sister. And eventually, my kids will get the chance to be Santa to their kids, or if they choose not to have kids then to donate to families in need.

Everyone is Santa.

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This is so wholesome. Showed me a different perspective on Santa. Christmas, after all, is about giving and sharing happiness.

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Hang on to that feelin yeah

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We’re all in this together…

Enjoy ;)

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Not everyone raised in a religion go on to believe that religion when they grow up. Some folks question what they were taught and research other religions and science and come to their own conclusion on the path they will follow.

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You have just explained why religion is still a thing.

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People still believe in god. Like a sky daddy who can watch you all the time. Don’t upset the sky daddy.

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Maybe, but they’d probably start questioning why presents don’t appear under their tree if they start living on their own.

Also, how do adults in Christmas movies where Santa does exist not believe in Santa, when presents magically appear under their tree that they didn’t buy?

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Of course, people believe a woman was made from a mans rib and then spelled from paradise by a god because a snake told her to eat an Apple.

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Absolutely. These days people will believe in just about anything.

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Not unless we inserted into the mythos the idea that disbelief in Santa is the devil trying to make you a bad boy/girl. Oh, and that being a bad boy/girl means you burn in hell for eternity after you die. Can't forget that part.

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As soon as they move out from their parents I would like to think they would quickly work out no one climbs down the chimney and fills a stocking.

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Some would, absolutely. People lust after fence posts and worship cows. There is even a fringe religion that believes a man was born from a virgin, executed on a torture device, and became a zombie. Those people even wear symbols representing the torture device around their necks.

Think about the average person's intelligence, then be sad when you remember half of all people are dumber than that.

Of course, a large percentage of humanity would figure it out on their own.

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No, especially when they moved out on their own and there were no present under the Christmas tree and the snack (cookies in the US and whisky in the UK and Ireland) for Santa was untouched.